Superstar, actress mahira khan

The Pakistani Superstar Actress Mahira Khan took to Instagram to respond to the Firdous Jamal and critics. She is the superstar of our entertainment industry, with her glamorous looks and fabulous style she has been ruling the screen since long. Her ascent to fame started with the drama serial “Humsafar” and she hasn’t stopped anywhere till date. Her fame and stardom have reached the silver screen and across the border too.

Super Star, Actress Mahira Khan

Recently Mahira Khan got in the middle of a controversy when legendary actor Firdous Jamal made a regressive comment about her on a morning show.

Firdous Jamal Said, Mahira is not a good actress. She’s more model stuff and mediocre at even that. He said Mahira doesn’t have any hit super hit film under her belt. Which to some extent is true. Even though none of her films is a flop, but they did not do as much business on box office as expected.

SuperStar, Actress Mahira Khan

Firdous Jamal Sahab went on to add that Mahira is aged for being heroin and suggested she should be doing more roles of a mother.

These uncalled for and ageist comments stirred a social media uproar. Fans came out in support of the 34-year-old superstar. People got divided into two groups and the social media war began.

And Mahira Khan responded on her Instagram with a desi me rolling, they hating.

Desi Me Rolling, They hating:

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Desi me rollin’ they hatin’ 💋


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And When Finally Actress Mahira Khan replied through Instagram, we were impressed:

The superstar took her sweet time to respond, And when she finally did, it was classy. Instead of criticizing Firdous Jamal or name-calling. She used the opportunity to thank her fans for their unwavering support in a handwritten letter.

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We are the present. What we do and how we do it, is our future. Thank you to all those who have come out to support me- I did not ask for it and that makes it even more special. As an artist I am proud of my industry. I’m grateful to my senior artists for paving the way for people like me and so many others. I am also proud of myself. In this journey of mine, I can proudly say that I have done what I thought was right and never succumbed to what others thought was right for me. That – I will continue to do. InshAllah. In a world full of hate, let’s choose to love. Let’s be tolerant of other people’s opinions and let our fight be against the mindset -that a successful woman is a scary thought. No it isn’t. It’s a beautiful and empowering one. Let us stop picking on one another so that this industry and our country thrives like no other. I read somewhere that ‘Stardom’ in Latin means – thank you to the fans when it was lonely. Stardom it is then! Love and Gratitude, X

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She did not take the comments personally, and Man, She so sure of her potential:

While talking to some journalist when she was asked if she would like to do mother roles, the famed actress said she won’t stop at the mother roles. She plans to stay in the industry to do “Nani”, “Dadi” and even “par Nani” roles.

So, guys whose side are you at? Are you team Mahira or team Firdous Jamal and why? tell us in the comments.



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