Sundar Pichai, most reputable CEO , google ceo list

Sundar Pichai, Chief Executive Officer of Google is no more part of the list of most reputable CEO as he had been named among 10 Reputable CEO in 2018. Before a year, he was part of the world most reputable CEO list as the CEO of the top tech company. Now, after a year he is not even among the first 10 reputable CEOs. This has been confirmed by the reputable firm Forbes, who has specialized in the performance measurement and management sciences. Forbes has recently published a list of 10 reputable CEOs in the world.

On the top of the list is CEO of Royal Dutch Shell, Ben van Beurden. Hahn-Griffiths said that if you are doing the right thing, then this is the biggest driver to bring the reputation element. He further told about the Ben Van that his leadership strategy is not from the back, but from the front which make him the highly ethical CEO of all time. Moreover, if we talk about his personality, then he has always indulged in making the world a better place.

Sundar Pichai Not Among 10 Most Reputable CEOs Anymore

Not only Sundar Pichai has dropped from the top list, but also the CEO of LinkedIn, Michael Weiner doesn’t find any place among the top 10 reputable CEOs. Forbes reported that the reason behind google ceo list drop is Google has been accused of the sexual misconduct and some other data breaches.


In 2018, Sundar Pichai was considered one of the reputable CEO for his leadership style which is egoless. He had a strong leadership quality and a clear image with a fixed strategic vision. However, later in 2019, these same areas proved as his downfall. The unethical behaviour of Google questioned leadership skills of Pichai. As a result of the bad reputation, his leadership declined by 6.5 points. The reputation of Pichai fell from 1 to 88.

The methodology behind the most reputable CEO is that in RI survey, around 230,000 individuals from 14 countries are examined for the list. This survey took place during the time period of January to February 2019. The selected 140 CEOs from the leading countries are known to the 50% population. Moreover, all the CEOs are required to be familiar of around 10% of the general population.



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