Summer Activities for Kids to Make the Most of Vacations

So, the vacation season is upon us, long summer days and hyperactive kids can make you go crazy if you don’t lay out a great vacation plan for them. Fortunately, summer vacations are coinciding with Ramazan this year. So, we can incorporate a lot more ideas in the regular summer fun pack of great vacation ideas. Here’s our guide to some fun and simple summer fun and educational activities for kids.

Summer Activities for kids:

Summer Fun for Kids: Water Games

summer activities for kids, great vacations, educational activities

There’s nothing like cool water games to relax and enjoy the warm weather. You can arrange a backyard pool party or get your kids water guns or both. What ever makes them happier? Our tip: is joining in and relive your childhood.

Enjoy Small Picnics:

A picnic is a happy word, mention it and your children will be jumping with joy. You can pack your regular lunch with some snacks and head off to some nearby park for summer time fun. Find parks and gardens in your city and use all the time you have no summer vacations to explore them.

Packing the picnic basket can turn out to be a fun activity for your kids too, and they will proud for helping mommy. Eating your regular meals out as a family, enjoying the fresh air and letting the kids run around is a great summer activity for kids.

Watch the Stars With Your Kids:

Simple pleasures in life are free, stargazing is a great summer activity for kids to bond over. Throw a blanket on your rooftop or in your lawn and just watch the starts in the clear summer skies. You can print a star map from here. Or visit,  to learn and play the fun, educational activity Star finder.

Summer Fun and Crafts for Kids:

Who doesn’t love art, playing with paints and colors could become your kids favorite pastime. You can watch come easy craft videos from YouTube and try doing them with kids. Such as origami or recycling crafts. Don’t forget the whole idea here is to have fun, a fun vacation is a great vacation.

Try Your Hand at Gardening:

What child doesn’t like to play in the dirt, give them another reason to get their hands dirty, plant some native flowers or fruiting plants. Explain to them how they will grow into big trees and how it can become a continuous good deed for them as long as people will enjoy the fruits and shade.

Read New Books:

summer activities for kids, great vacations, educational activities

What I miss most about by childhood is spending long summer afternoons reading. Use summer to instill the habit of reading in children. To make this education activity more interactive you can read together or discuss the story afterwards. Another great summer activity for kids could be acting out small stories and doing a play with friends.

Camp in the Backyard:

You don’t need to go to a camping site to enjoy camping, just set up a tent in the back yard and let their imagination run wild. You can do a small supervised bonfire and let them sleep in their sleeping bags.

Learn a Language:

Another great vacation idea is to get creative and learn something new. Together with your kids, you can learn a new language or improve a language that you already know. It is quite easy to learn the basics from the internet.

 Sports and Summer Fun for Kids:

Kids are high energy little people, provide them with as much opportunity to exercise as possible. Let them ride the bicycles or run around. An amazing summer activity for kids could be to put them in a sports club to polish their skill in a particular sport.

All in All:

Summer is a great time for families to bond over fun activities. There is so much you can do even if you are planning a stay at home. We hope our guide is useful for you to design summer fun and educational activities for children to have a great vacation.



Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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