Sugary Drinks Consumption May Increase Risk Of Cancer

According to the research, it is revealed that consumption of sugary drinks like fruit juices and soda may result in certain kinds of cancer. It is said that consumption of such high level sugar drinks is highly related to the cancer.

During the recent decade, there has been an increase in the sugary drinks worldwide. This has led to the high calorie beverages, which is linked to the obesity and in return causing cancer.

Research to check the impacts of Sugary Drinks

A research team in France wanted to assess the direct relationship between the high consumption of sugary drinks and increase level of cancer risk of all types including breast, prostate and bowel cancers. They have done a survey in which they covered 100,000 adults of age 42 on average and out of them 79% were women.

They followed the lifestyle of some participants for 9 years who have filled 24-hour dietary questionnaires. Researchers studied their sugar consumption along with artificial sweeteners and 100% fruit juices.

They compared the results with the causes of the cancer patients from the medical records.

After study it is found that 100 ml increase per day of sugar drink consumption is associated with 18% of the cancer risk and 22% of the breast disease risk.

High sugar drinks and sweet beverages have shown a high risk association with cancer. Around 2,193 cases of cancer has been recorded, out of which patients diagnosed are 59 years.

Moreover, it is stated based on the findings that sugary products have great possibility to become a reason of cancer.

Graham Wheeler, senior statistician of the Cancer Research UK revealed that high consumption of sugary drinks poses a high threat of many types of cancers.


Consumption of sugary drinks, soda results in a storage of visceral fat around the vital organs like liver and pancreas. Moreover, it may result in a high blood sugar level and create inflammation among the organs and in turn increase the cancer risks.

A spokesperson for the American Beverage Association named Danielle Smotkin said that it is necessary to know about the beverage if it is with or without sugar and if it is safe and fall under a balanced diet.

American beverages are trying hard to fulfill the customer need of consuming less sugar and to add up the details of sugar in drinks like less sugar, zero sugar and calorie information right up front.

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