Sudan news and Blue for Sudan are trending hashtags on social media, the only source of news from Sudan these days. After the Sudanese people forced Omar Al Bashir to withdraw from the Presidency, the Transitional Military Council took over, therefore Sudan protested against the coup and for a democratic civilian government.

The spokesmen to Sudanese military council has acknowledged the human rights violations carried out by the military to disperse the protestors.

“We feel sorry for what happened”

Today, while speaking to the press the military regimes spokesperson, Shams Ud Din Kabashi said, ” the Transitional Military Council decided to disperse the protestors.” in the violent action against the protesters, scores of people died, many were arrested, tortured and raped. Over 40 bodies were pulled out from the River Nile, which the military took by force.

Kabashi added that the violations are being investigated and strict action will be taken against the culprits regardless of their ranks. He further added that several military officers are arrested because they deviated from the action plan set by the leaders of the Transitional Military Council. However, he did not elaborate what he meant by violations and what was the original plan.

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The protests took off in Sudan after the Military took over the government after President Umar Al Bashir’s Thirty-year rule came to an end. The declarations of Freedom and Change, A coalition of political parties are demanding a civilian democratic government in the country, and more civilians in the transition government. While the Transitional Military Council believes most members and the leader of the council should be from the military.

Earlier the U.N. Experts expressed their concerns over the human rights violations and the rapes carried out by the military. UN calls for independent sources to investigate the crimes committed against peaceful civilians. The political coalition is demanding an international investigation, which the Military Council strongly rejected.

As the coalition has agreed to resume talks with the transitional government, life is slowly returning to Khartoum. People went to offices and some of the shops in the city’s famous gold market also opened today. Though the protests have ended, the dream of a civilian democratic government is still far from reality.

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