The full moon of this month June is known as STRAWBERRY MOON that will illuminate and brighten up the whole night sky from Sunday to June 17th Monday morning. The NASA astronomer said for Europe particularly the moon might take on a reddish or pink hue.

But this moon will not be a Ruby coloured sphere in the night sky. The name of this moon actually comes from the Algonquin tribe which is one of the most famous North America’s Native American tribes. They consider the whole month June a gesture to start gathering wild strawberries according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

Strawberry Moon

There is also an old European name for this super beautiful moon HONEYMOON or the MEAD MOON. But it has also been called the FULL ROSE MOON in Europe. Indeed this moon has many fascinating names. Some people believe that this name originates from its ravishing colour at this time of year.

The Farmer’s Almanac recommends the people to bring a chair on the nights of June 16 and 17 for some great vision of strawberry moon but also keep an eye on Jupiter and some of its moons also!

Anywhere the night sky is clear and the moon is easily visible to all people, it’s an ideal place and you can experience the lunar spectacle.

What this Full Moon stands for?

This month’s full moon is filled with high energy period in which we may feel obligated to work eagerly, chase our dreams and passions and we may be able to take some risks that we normally wouldn’t. But it is all about your personality, the influence of strawberry moon could prove to be a blessing and dedication or maybe a curse.

There is also some information for people out there that is June was usually the month of Marriages, Following marriages arose the honeymoon which may be tied to this full moon!

After the Strawberry Moon charms the night skies, there will be the next full moon to rise on the sky is the BUCK MOON in July. The full Buck moon will peak in the glow on July 16.

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