sri lanka blasts, sunday easter bombings

Sri Lanka Blasts killed more than 300 and injured 500 people on Sunday, during the Easter Festival. The Sunday Easter Bombings were aimed consecutively at the Hotels and Churches of more than suicide bombers.

At least more than 300 people have been killed and 500 have been injured in a series of Sri Lanka Explosions, most of them resulted from targeting of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka Blasts.

Most of the people killed were fortunately locals, but up till now, a total number of 36 foreigners have also been identified.

No group has yet claimed the responsibility for the bombings, but the Police raids at several areas has arrested 26 people, which are known to be involved in the Sri Lanka Blasts. The 26 attackers which are sustained to be of the same group.

The initial blasts were six, at three different hotels and three different churches, followed by two more explosions. The second last one was at a Police Raid and the last one was followed at a Guest House.

The Authorities were already warned on April 4 about the attacks. The Bangladeshi Prime Minister said that Ranil Wickremesinghe had said that Police was given a crucial warning about the explosions ten days ago. But on the 9th Of April, a letter was written down to the many organizations of the Sri Lanka, which mentioned the names and members of the Organization were written down, but the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was not informed.

Initially, there are no reports of the people killed and wounded in each of the Blasts. However, the rumours are revolving that most of the attacks were done by Suicide Bombers.

26 People of Same Group are Arrested involved in Bombings

Additionally, according to the Foreign Ministry, nine foreign nationals were going missing, while 25 of the foreigners whom bodies are recovered, are yet to be identified. Up till now, the

The Four Hotels that got targeted in Colombo, Capital of Sri Lanka, are Cinnamon Grand, Shangri-La, Kingsbury and Tropical Inn.

The Three Churches that were victimized of the Sunday Easter Bombings were St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo, St. Sebastian’s Church in Negombo, and Zeon Church in Batticaloa.

Followed the Attacks, Defence Ministry imposed a temporary social media’s shutdown, with a curfew in the adjoining areas where the Bombings occurred. The Ban will last until the Government investigates the reason and the groups involved in the mass explosion.

Sunday Easter Bombings in Sri Lanka killed 300+ plus and more than 500 wounded.

NetBlocks, a non-governmental organization, which governs the cybersecurity, said that effective measures after such drastic events. But overall, this blackout can add a sense of fear and panic among the public.

Upon monitoring, Alp toker said that they Sri Lankan disruption in the Internet Connectivity didn’t pose any threat of disruption in the fundamental structure of the Internet. Twitter was unaffected during this, but messaging apps like Whatsapp and Viber, which could potentially create a communication gap between the affected and their relatives.

However, some Internet users are still proactively using it through Proxy Connections, which masks the Internet Connectivity.

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Facebook, which owns WhatsApp and Instagram said in a statement that saying that they are deeply saddened by the incident, devoting their heart to the victims, their families and communities who were affected by this such massive humanitarian loss. A spokesperson of Facebook said that our team has been trying to respond to the content and law enforcement teams are trying to remove the content which can further create violence in the terms of the events that just happened recently.

Celebrities from all over the world and religious individuals are nodding their heads through condemning of the attacks. Pope Francis on Monday, condemned the Sri Lankan and described those suicide bombings as inhumane acts which could never be justified.

Real Madrid held a one-minute silence before the start of their game for the victims of the attacks.


Sri Lankan officials blamed National Towheed Jamaat, a small local group for the Sunday Sri Lankan Blasts. This was either due to new Intel during the investigation or because of the previous 14 days before the attack warnings.

Various celebrities, officials and ministers from all around the world condemned the attack.

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