Solid Wood Flooring Benefits And Types

Solid Wood Flooring

If you’re wondering either solid wood flooring would be a good choice for your new humble abode, here’s an article for you. We’ll be guiding you through the woods while explaining the benefits of wooden flooring in Pakistan. Have you ever seen a Dark Oak flooring or Mystic Myrtle wood flooring and fancied how aesthetic it makes a room look? Wood flooring is beautiful and easy to clean. However, you’ll get to know the types and benefits. The wood floor price depends on what brand or store you choose for your product purchase. It’s easier to find cheap hardwood flooring if you visit a local retail wood store. Furniture and house decor is a big concern in Pakistan. People are always looking to get the best of what they can get. Since the concept of owning big houses is a cultural norm. Having a lavish and extravagant house is the ultimate dream. Let’s explore wood flooring types & benefits of wood flooring for your floor and decor.

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Your House Says A Lot About You

When we’re young we dream of growing up to build the perfect houses and decorate them to our appeal. Both young girls and boys play with dollhouses. The idea of having a perfect house is instilled in our minds. Apart from this, it’s common for us humans to be attracted to what appeals to the eye. Moreover, admit it or not, we judge people based on the way their house looks. When we visit someone’s house for the first, we look at everything, from the type of flooring to the smallest of decoration pieces. There’s nothing peculiar about this. As a matter of fact, your house and the decor can tell a lot about our personality. 

wood flooring types

Oak Solid Wood: The oak wood coloring can vary from grayish-yellow to yellow-brown. Moreover, this hardwood is quite durable and has an attractive finish. High tannin concentration is a cause of high weather-ability. In addition to that, there are types of oak flooring – dark oak flooring, white oak, and red oak – to name a few. Oak flooring is known for its strength. It’s used in furniture, flooring, doors, and paneling. Dark oak flooring especially looks amazing with neutral furniture. A disadvantage to oak is that it can oxidize metals. 

Maple Solid Wood: Maple wood flooring comes with a consistent grain. It has a fine look to it and has a warm shading. Furthermore, it is quite strong and durable with a glass smooth finish. The beauty of maple wood never dies out and gives your house a splendid look. 

Walnut Solid Wood: Walnut wood flooring is durable and even sturdier. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they’re easy to clean. They won’t warp or rot so you can fearlessly mop them. Especially, they are resistant to chipping insects. So you wouldn’t have to worry about how long they’ll last.

Pine Wood Flooring: Pine is a well-established wood that is used for making furniture and flooring. Pine is admirably easy to work with. Moreover, it is resistant to decaying or rotting

These were some of the few types of solid wood flooring available in the market. Wooden flooring and walls make your entire home setup look visually appealing. Most people tend to renovate houses and install wooden flooring. It adds to the elegance and rich look of your interior. Wood dark oak flooring along with some fine pieces of furniture can give your house the dream look. 


Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring 

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1. Easy Installation:

The solid hardwood floor is quite practical. It is easy to install hardwood floors. You can find cheap wooden flooring of your choice. Make sure you choose the best retail store. This ensures that the quality of your floors would be top class. On the other hand, the better the store is the better their services will be. They’ll send their people who will install the flooring for you which will require a certain amount of time. Your wooden flooring might be nailed into the floor or typically backed up by adhesive. Makes sure you are aware of the caution steps while the installation is in process. 

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2. Easy To Maintain:

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and clean. Especially, the fact that they’re durable and have high weather-ability counts. Furthermore, you must use a sanded and refinished wood flooring that will not rot or decay. It is easy for cheap wooden flooring to wear and lose its top layer to chipping insects. So make sure you choose your wood from the best wooden flooring Pakistan store. Solid wood flooring can be cleaned with water. You can mop the floor and use nonreactive cleaning liquids as well.

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3. Rich Look: 

A house with wooden flooring will always look more elegant and visually pleasing comparatively. Not all sorts of flooring can work well with various furniture. However, solid wood can work with anything. No matter what the wood floor price, it can make anything look better and extravagant. There are many types of hardwood flooring and you can choose what pleases your eye. Wood floor prices may vary and so does the quality and wood species. You can keep a neutral shade of furniture or a heavily bright one. With the wood flooring, no matter what your furniture is like, it will look amazing. Wood has such a richness in itself that lifts the overall appearance of your house

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4. Valuable Abode:

Everyone finds wooden flooring appealing. Therefore, when it comes to selling the house, it can add value. Customers who visit your house will be impressed that you invested in using good solid wooden flooring instead of random flooring. On the other hand, wood floors with no furniture on them look even brilliant. Particularly, the dark oak flooring or chestnut texture. This gives your customer the urge to dream about how they’ll set up things on the rich wood atmosphere. 

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5. Healthy And Environment-Friendly:

Since the atmosphere was mentioned, let’s talk about how wood flooring is healthy for you. In contrast to the carpeted flooring, wooden flooring is healthier for you. Especially, if we consider wooden flooring in Pakistan it is even healthier. Allergens are common in our country and a majority of people suffer from seasonal allergies. The carpets, however, tend to trap the dust, pollen particles, and allergens into their fibers. This will increase the risk of allergen exposure to allergic patients. It’s more of a health risk for us. On the other hand, tiles have grout lines where the dust and allergens can settle. So factually, wooden flooring is the best. 

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6. Timeless Grace:

Neither does hardwood age nor will it ever go out of style. It’s a timeless beauty that will always maintain its elegance. If the hardwood planks wear, they can be updated by polishing and refinishing. In contrast with the other flooring that might need to be replaced. They can be expensive even if you look for cheap wooden flooring. Despite the wood floor price, they are an investment worth making. They are durable and long term purchase. 

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7. Better Acoustics:

Singers and musicians love the acoustics of wooden flooring. Not only does it amp up the look of your studio, but it also adds up to how the sounds resonate. Wooden flooring Pakistan is becoming a common decor statement. However, if you don’t like the resonance of your wooden floor. You can go for vinyl or cork since these will reduce noise. 

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8. Refinishing: 

You can research on wood floor price or visit your local decor store. However, your investment in cheap wooden flooring Pakistan will not go to waste. Wooden flooring will always look as beautiful as ever. Unlike carpets or tiles which will grow out to look ugly and old. Wooden floors are like the classic star that is never forgotten. Most people tend to go for cheaper flooring. But what they don’t know is that they are at a loss. Every time your floor starts to lose its shine you’ll have to replace it. But with the wooden flooring, you can simply refinish it. And ta-da! It’ll be as new as ever. So invest initially in wood floor price & enjoy the rest of life.

Make a better choice and install hardwood flooring or cheap wooden flooring for a better investment with the visually pleasing, durable wood that promises to last for decades! Please share your comments below pertaining to wood flooring types, their benefits for your floor and decor.

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