Emirates Water and Electricity Company (EWEC) has just started a single solar project named “Noor Abu Dhabi”, a world’s largest project of 1177 MW. This is a commercial project with a capacity of 1177 megawatts and a Dhs3.2bn solar plant which will help Abu Dhabi to enhance the production of renewable energy. Moreover, this mega project will definitely reduce the consumption of natural gas in the production of electricity.

The Noor Abu Dhabi project will be producing more sustainable and efficient energy. Moreover, it will help to reduce the carbon emission of Emirates by 1 million metric tonnes per year. This is equivalent to the removal of around 200,000 cars from roads.

Noor Abu Dhabi, a Solar Project of UAE

It is located in Sweihan, Abu Dhabi which is a joint venture between Abu Dhabi Power Corporation and a consortium of Marubeni Corp, Japan and Jinko Solar Holding, China.

The solar project plant will be providing 3.2 million solar panels which spread across to 8 kilometre-squared site. It will be having the capacity to cover the electricity demand of more than 90,000 people. In this way, Noor Abu Dhabi has made a record bid at the time of submission and became the only one to attract the most competitive 8.888 fils/kWh tariff.


Mohammad Hassan Al Suwaidi, chairman of EWEC said that the completion of this project will serve as a milestone to reach to the Energy Strategy of UAE 2050. It was launched in 2017 and its purpose was to enhance the amount of clean energy by 15% in the total energy mix by 2050. In the same time reducing the carbon footprints of power generation by 70%.

He also said that this project is in line with the transformation strategy of sector as it will provide an alternate source of the energy. The solar project Noor Abu Dhabi will help in regulating, improving and sustaining the water and electricity reserves of the sector.


The CEO of EWEC, Othman Jumaa Al Ali, said that Noor Abu Dhabi is a project which is committed to producing renewable energy and it will help us improve and protect the natural resources. He further states that their commitment is to ensure sustainable energy for the future along with successful completion of project in time and in the budget. It shows that Emirates have true delivery capabilities in executing a world-class project.

Noor Abu Dhabi will add to the existing solar capacity of UAE along with a continuously growing capacity of UAE.

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