Society Problems That Need To Be Fixed – Societal issues

Society Problems & Social issues with society pertain to human behavior, gender inequalities, government policies, economic disparities, religious conflicts, etc. That affects society as a whole. Despite our outstanding achievements and experiences, there is a list of societal issues that plague contemporary society. How could we help save the world from these world problems? To tackle these prevailing societal problems, innovation is much needed.

Let’s look at major societal problems that need to be fixed soon.


Society Problems Are Increasing Day by Day


society problems


  1. Third-World Poverty

Because many 3rd World countries were non-industrialized and economically poor, it became a stereotype called developing countries “3rd world countries.” Causes of poverty are associated with overpopulation, the high divorce rate, a culture of poverty, lack of education, epidemic diseases such as malaria, AIDS, and environmental problems like lack of rainfall.


  1. Water Scarcity

Water pollution is the leading cause of water scarcity, the lack of sufficient available water within a region to meet water usage demands. It already affects around 2.8 billion population worldwide, and every continent is out of water, which is alarming. Above 1.2 billion people drink polluted water due to their lack of access to clean drinking water.


  1. Food Production

Overpopulation is the biggest issue in society. Due to the projected growth of people and lack of resources, it is hard to feed everyone. According to United Nations projections, by the end of 2050, the population of Earth will be 9.6 billion. If we will not make innovations and stay on our current food production, we won’t be able to feed everyone.


  1. Homelessness

Homelessness is a major social problem that we need to think about seriously. In the US, which has a record of the highest GDP in the world, millions of people are homeless, and almost a quarter of them are old and children under age 18.

Homelessness can be tackled by building permanent housing so people can live for free. Medicine Hat, Alberta, the first city in North America, has initiated this step and is the first city to eliminate homelessness. They provide free housing to those who do not have a safe place to reside.


  1. Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is one of the most significant social issues that must be resolved soon. It refers to the unemployment of young people (15–24 years old), as defined by the UN. An unemployed person is someone who doesn’t have a job and is making efforts to seek work actively. In the US, youth employment is still at 11.1 percent, while 5.5 percent is the overall unemployment rate.

The youth unemployment rate in Canada is 15.5 percent. One way to overcome this problem is to offer youth a shortened workweek. This would help create a balance in their lives. This would create an average of 20% more jobs in the market.


  1. Health Issues

Each year, many people are detected with cancer, AIDS, and other life-threatening diseases. This social issue can be dealt with only if health care reforms are built to better care for everyone.


  1. Teen Issues

The list of teen issues is never-ending in society is facing today. Increase in alcohol abuse, violence to, rape, high-stress levels, to eating disorders among teens; these issues have been affecting our youth for a long. According to the sources, around seven to ten teens die every day due to addiction to alcohol and drunk driving in America.


  1. Gender Issues

Gender equality is one of the most common women’s issues; equality of rights, privileges, freedom of movement, and pay packages similar to men are some of the specific social issues women worldwide face. According to the US Department of Labor, in the current economic recession, the unemployment rate as of September 2010 has risen up to 9.60 percent. Thus, an increase in unemployment in the last few months is one of the burning social issues today.


List of Other Societal issues

Apart from the above-mentioned societal issues, other major issues need to be resolved by the government. Have a look at some of the social problems:


1 Church-State Separation 26 Genetic Engineering
2 Global Warming 27 Civil Rights
3 Food and Drug Safety 28 Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy
4 Tax Reform 29 Judicial Reform
5 Suicide 30 Censorship of Obesity
6 Drug Abuse 31 Terrorism
7 Birth Control 32 Academic Freedom
8 Abortion 33 Violence
9 Capital Punishment 34 Gun Control
10 Animal and environment abuse 35 Single Parenting
11 Misuse of social networking 36 Child Labor
12 Homophobia 37 Environmental issues
13 Poverty 38 Immigration
14 World population 39 Tobacco
15 Organ & body donation 40 Stress
16 Human Rights Violations 41 Cancer
17 Children’s Rights 42 Nuclear Proliferation
18 Environmental Pollution 43 Ageism
19 Corporate Downsizing 44 Prostitution
20 Euthanasia & assisted suicide 45 Gay Marriages
21 Defense Spending and Preparedness 46 Education
22 Racial profiling 47 Affirmative Action
23 Eating Disorders 48 Health Care Reform
24 Welfare 49 Embryonic Stem Cell Research
25 Recycling and Conservation


Social issues in America?

America is a country that is considered by many people as a perfect country, as they think that everyone in this country stays happy and is not a target of any issue.

But this certainly is not true, as most Americans remain under a lot of stress throughout their lives, and the only reason for this stress is the social problems they face within this so-called “perfect country.”

A long list of the societal issues in all of America will be listed below.

  • Poverty
  • Pollution
  • Civil rights
  • Student loan debt
  • Ineffective government
  • Climate change
  • Affordable housing
  • Racism
  • Health care reform

Apart from these, there are many other problems that this country is facing.


Political issues in America?

During Mr. Donald Trump’s reign, the government of the United States of America has been considered as much less effective as the government of first countries. This government cannot overcome many political and economic issues such as climate change, unemployment, immigration, religious freedom, education, and many others. As the solution to these social and economic issues, more people in the United States of America are nearing the line of poverty, and the economy of this “great” country is taking a hit with each passing day.


What are examples of first-world problems?

First-world problems are not such real issues but only seem to be considered as one because these are voiced by a citizen of rich and powerful countries such as the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and many countries in the continent of Europe.

There are loads of examples of first-world problems, some of which will be listed below.

  • Having a runny nose
  • Getting a Call from unknown numbers/strangers
  • Being left unanswered when contacting a company
  • Not having access to a WIFI connection
  • Not having the full range of signals on your phone
  • Trying to access a social media or any other account, but you do not seem to remember the password of the account

These are some 1st world “problems” due to which the whole society with issues of this world is left to be ignored.


World problems we are facing today?

In today’s world, the majority population of this planet tends to remain unhappy due to all of the problems they have been surrounded by.

A long list of not all but only the societal problems that we are facing in today’s time will be given below.

  • Overconsumption
  • Acid rain
  • The rapid increase in world population
  • Global warming
  • Destruction of forests and natural habitats of animals
  • Health problems ( including COVID 19)

These problems need to be fixed soon; otherwise, the whole world could have a lot of trouble.

War, poverty, global warming, crime—warnings, and predictions threaten our world. We as individuals face the most significant challenges and still dare to step out of our homes each day to face the world problems mentioned above. Now that we are well aware and have begun to recognize severe social problems that we all have to deal with today, add your valuable suggestions in the comment box below about how you think these social or societal issues will be resolved shortly. Please share your valuable input about societal problems that you feel we have missed in this article.

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