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Society Problems and Social issues with society are pertaining human behaviour, gender inequalities, government policies, economic disparities, religious conflicts, etc. That affects the society as a whole. Despite our great achievements and experiences, there is a list of issues that plague contemporary society. How could we help save the world? In order to tackle these issues within society, innovation is much needed.

Let’s have a look at major society problems that need to be fixed at earliest.

Society Problems Are Increasing Day by Day

  1. Third-World Poverty

Because many 3rd World countries were non-industrialized and economically poor, it became a stereotype call developing countries as “3rd world countries.” Causes of poverty are associated with overpopulation, the high divorce rate, a culture of poverty, lack of education, epidemic diseases such as malaria, AIDS and environmental problems like lack of rainfall.

  1. Water Scarcity

Water pollution is the main cause of water scarcity; the lack of sufficient available water, within a region, to meet the demands of water usage. It already affects around 2.8 billion population around the world and every continent is out of water which is an alarming situation. Above 1.2 billion people drink polluted water due to their lack of access to clean drinking water.

  1. Food Production

Overpopulation is the biggest issue within society. Due to the projected growth of people and lack of resources, it is hard feeding everyone. According to United Nations projections, by the end of 2050 the population of Earth will be 9.6 billion, and if we will not make innovations and stay on our current food production, we won’t be able to feed everyone.

  1. Homelessness

Homelessness is the major society problem that we need to think about seriously. In the US, which has a record of the highest GDP in the world, millions of people are homeless and almost a quarter of them are old age and children under age 18.

Homelessness can be tackled by building permanent housing so that people can live for free. Medicine Hat, Alberta, the first city in North America has initiated this step and is the first city to eliminate homelessness. They provide free housing to those who do not have a safe place to reside.

  1. Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment is one of the biggest society issues that need to be resolved at earliest. It refers to unemployment of young people (15–24 years old), as defined by the UN. An unemployed person is someone who doesn’t have a job and is making efforts to actively seeking work. In the US, youth employment is still at 11.1 percent while 5.5 percent is the overall unemployment rate.

The youth unemployment rate in Canada is 15.5 percent. One way to come over this problem is to offer youth a shortened workweek. This would help create a balance between their lives. This would create an average of 20% more jobs in the market.

  1. Health Issues

Each year a large number of people detected with cancer, AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. This social issue can be dealt only if health care reforms are built to better care for everyone.

  1. Teen Issues

The list of teen issues is never ending which society is facing today. Increase in alcohol abuse, violence to rape, to high-stress levels, to eating disorders amongst teens; these issues are affecting our youth since long. According to the sources, around seven to ten teens die every day due to addiction to alcohol and drunk driving in America.

  1. Gender Issues

Gender equality is one of the most common women’s issues; equality of rights, privileges, freedom of movement, and pay-packages similar to men are some of the specific society issues which are faced by women around the world. According to the US Department of Labor, in the current economic recession, the unemployment rate as of September 2010 rises up to 9.60 percent. Thus, an increase in unemployment in the last few months is one of the burning social issues today.


List of (Other) Issues with Society

Apart from the above-mentioned society issues; there are other major issues that need to be resolved by the government. Have a look below:

Church-State Separation

Global Warming

Food and Drug Safety

Tax Reform


Drug Abuse

Birth Control


Capital Punishment

Animal and environment abuse

Misuse of social networking



World population

Organ & body donation

Human Rights Violations

Children’s Rights

Environmental Pollution

Corporate Downsizing

Euthanasia & assisted suicide

Defense Spending and Preparedness

Racial profiling

Eating Disorders


Recycling and Conservation

Genetic Engineering

Civil Rights

Consumer Debt and Bankruptcy

Judicial Reform

Censorship Obesity


Academic Freedom


Gun Control

Single Parenting

Child Labor

Environmental issues





Nuclear Proliferation



Gay Marriages


Affirmative Action

Health Care Reform

Embryonic Stem Cell Research

War, poverty, global warming, crime—our world is threatened by warnings and predictions. We as an individual are facing biggest challenges and still dare to step out of our homes each day. Now that we are well aware and has begun to recognise serious society problems that we all have to deal with today, add your valuable suggestions in the comment box below about how do you think these social issues will get resolved.

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