Snapchat App is Back with a Bang of SNAP MAP

Snapchat app is back with a bang after so long with a new feature of Snapchat location map that will let you share your location and activities to anyone. This new featured app is a Snapchat map or Snapchat location map that will allow you to share their location with the loved ones. Every time Snapchat surprises us with its new filter so that we can take amazing pictures and videos, but this time it comes up with the new status feature like free Snapchat filters. After much wait and testing, this company has launched another exciting Snapchat status feature under the heading of snap map. This modified feature will not only make you share your current location with your friends and family, but they can see what you are doing at the current moment. 

Some people are looking at this feature as a privacy threat as some people resist to share their location to the world. While the fun part is that you can choose Bitmoji to edit your emoji and tell your friend what you are doing. Isn’t it Amazing?

Availability of this Snapchat status feature

Currently, this Snapchat feature of Snap Maps is only available in Australia because it is in a testing phase but soon everybody will have this amazing feature. Snapchat app with this feature will help you make the list of places you have visited. Well, Snapchat has recently realized to play with colors as well on the Snapmap. So your friends will be seeing your cute animations doing anything on this snap maps. Moreover, with this new innovation, you will have the emojis and animations related to certain events or holidays to add more spark to this.

Snap Map

If you already have this feature in your Snapchat app then you can enjoy it after following simple steps.

Steps to use this “SnapMap”

  • All you have to do is to select a button on the left corner of your screen named as a status button.
  • Well, this button will make you select any of your current locations.
  • Once you select this button Snapchat Bitmoji will automatically provide you with the list of animations along with your activities.
  • Well, upon selecting and editing your perfect location and activity on the Bitmoji, you will be seen on the map.
  • Through this person will know your location until you stay at that place or delete your status. It’s your choice to put the status of your location through the snap map or not.
    As far as privacy is concerned, then it has its pros and cons. It’s up to you to share your location with your social circle or being an introvert, make it private. But this time Snapchat has astonished us with this amazing feature of Snapmap like free Snapchat filters. Apart from the new feature, we already love Snapchat for its beautiful filters. 


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