Skin Whitening Cream – Side Effects Revealed in Pakistan

Zartaj Gul Wazir the Minister for climate change said they tested 59 skin whitening creams being sold in Pakistan and only 3 of them were found to be following the convention. The samples of the remaining skin whitening Cream side effects contained more than the recommended 1 ppm Mercury.

We tested 59 brands in the country and 56 turned out to be using excessive doses of Mercury.” Zartaj Gul announced in a press conference on July 23rd, 2019. She sounded determined to put an end to the whitening creams facade in Pakistan and the companies feeding off people’s insecurities. In her words, the manufacturers of the whitening creams are “peeling our skins to whiten it,” and “ruining our skin with your 10 rupees creams.”

Mercury is a cancer-causing ingredient which does lighten the skin temporarily but has dangerous underlying side effects. It may even damage the nervous system if the creams are applied regularly. Many women who used such creams noticed thinning and damage of the skin right after the initial lightening and freshening up of complexion. The side effects became more visible after they stopped using these over the counter whitening creams.

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In her press conference, Zartaj Gul Wazir warned the hazardous whitening creams manufacturers that the government will do legislation in this regard by December 2019, And then there will be a crackdown on all the manufacturers using dangerous chemicals.

The federal minister earlier in February said whitening creams are against the human rights of women. In our part of the world fairness and whitening are considered equal to beauty. and even though most people have dusky to dark skin they strive to make it whiter or lighter. The target market of the whitening products is usually women, but men also have joined in this obsession with white skin.

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In a 2017 investigation conducted by the BBC, most of these whitening creams were proved to be cancer-causing and hazardous, especially the famous Faiza beauty cream. Sadly, even celebrities endorse these skin whitening creams and products.

What do you think of this obsession with fair skin? Have you used any of these products? Skin whitening Cream side effects are very Dangerous. Please comment and let your voice be heard.

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