Forced Marriage, Sharmeen obaid

Sharmeen Obaid has released a short animated film based on “Forced Marriage” (Zabardasti Ki Shaadi) which is from her famous series “Aagahi”. Aagahi is a series based on public service campaign and its purpose is to educate women about their legal rights in Pakistan.

Aagahi is also nominated in the category of Gender Equality for Sustainable Development Goals Lions at 66th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. According to the SOC Films’ press release statement, It is a legal right of every Pakistani girl to choose who she wants to marry.

This short film named Forced Marriage-Zabardasti Ki Shaadi has elaborated what forced marriage is and mentioned the laws existed in Pakistan which protects the women and children from this practice.

Forced Marriage By Sharmeen Obaid

In Aagahi series around 14 short films has been released, out of which seven animated movies are released in Urdu. Sharmeen Obaid, a two-time Academy Award winner explained how legislations affect women. The movie has elaborated the way legal provisions granted can be applied for women like how to file a First Information Report FIR.

Moreover, it will also unveil that what law of Pakistan states for matters like Domestic Violence, Divorce, Cyber-Crimes and Inheritance. The film has also explained the procedure in order to file a report and who should be approached for help in these matters.

Rotten Face Of Pakistani Society:

In Asian countries, forced marriage is growing and it is a big concern. In most of the families, it has become a trend for girls to married off at a young age as early as possible in order to free from this huge responsibility. Girls and women minds have been manipulated with an outdated concept that the purpose of their life is to tie a knot as they turned 20 or reach to their age of maturity or even less in many under-developed areas of Pakistan.


Sharmeen Obaid’s “Forced Marriage” short film aims at spreading awareness regarding many issues of women in Pakistan, about which people resist to speak out.

She has been covering many other issues in her animated movies as well which include how to inherit property, how to take custody of your child, and above all educating women to get their rights.

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