Sephora Stores Shut Down For An Hour: Mistreatment With SZA 

Sephora stores recently shut down for an hour to provide a diversity training workshop to their 16000 employees after a mistake. This workshop was the result of an incident that took place in April 2019, when a celebrity SZA visited Sephora store and they misunderstood and called the security.

Sephora Employees Mistreated With SZA

The name of this celebrity is SZA, who is a platinum level star. SZA was also seen in the promotions of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna. SZA is a singer and a songwriter with a real name Solana Imani Rowe. So, one employee of this big brand showed racism and mistreated this innocent shopper and called the security. She got upset as she had been an employee of Sephora in the past.

However, the story revealed when she took to Twitter and complained to the Sephora page. In her tweet, she unveiled the fact that she had been treated so badly and employees blamed her for stealing. Sephora replied to her tweet positively that they are working on this situation to improve customer confidence.

After this situation, Sephora closed their stores and warehouses for one hour to enhance the communication skills of their employees. In order to avoid any kind of mistake in the future, Sephora took an initiative and positively handled the whole situation.

The training carried along with the manifesto named

“We Belong to Something Beautiful”.

They further explained that this campaign is not the reaction of that tweet but it is believed that belonging is more important than anything.

This diversity workshop of 16000 employees will continue for six months this year. The training reflects the choices made by certain fashion and beauty companies based on racism. Some brands were fined for treating the customers by race.

Recently racist products were launched by the top brands Gucci and Parada in order to express their remorse over this issue. The initiative by Sephora who is owned by luxury group Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton LVMH, towards diversity after SZA experience has provided this brand with attention from all around the world.


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