How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone?

Are you always forgetting important events like birthdays, deadlines, and meeting dates? So, don’t worry; here is the solution. If you are using iPhone, you can handle all through scheduling text messages on iPhone. Being an iPhone user, you can schedule upcoming calendar events through SMS messages. It helps you to send messages at the scheduled time. You might not have been aware of this message scheduling feature on your iPhone before. However, some people use business text messaging software to schedule appointments and emails. You can have seamless experiences by sending greetings to your loved ones on their special days through a single text message. I am here to tell you how to have a real-time experience scheduling messages and mail.


Can iPhones Schedule Texts Messages With iMessages?

If you are thinking the iPhone schedules text messages with iMessage or not, the answer is no. You cannot directly schedule messages with iMessage, but the shortcuts app will help you to do so. However, Business texting software or third-party apps allow you to do various things while scheduling text messages. You can also use third-party apps for scheduling SMS text messages with iMessage. iMessage is a fantastic feature in the built-in iOS messages app of the iPhone. You can enable it through settings, and messages will appear in a blue color message bubble.

How Do You Schedule a Text on iPhone?

Look at the complete guide on how to schedule a text on your iPhone to send it in the future. You can use the shortcuts app and follow the rest of the procedure to set up messages, conversations, and lists to send them on time. When you schedule a text, you are given a wide range of options.

schedule a text message iPhone

  • Pick up your iPhone and tap on the app shortcuts.
  • Choose the Automation option on your screen.
  • You can click on create Personal Automation if you have not generated Automation.
  • If you have generated Automation before, you will not see that option. Tap on the + in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Tap on Create Personal Automation.

scheduling texts on iphone

  • Here you come up with many scheduling options.
  • Select the Time of Day and adjust the time by tapping on the clock icon whenever you want to send it.
  • Select the Month by tapping the calendar icon and Date according to your preferences and proceed to the next.

schedule a text

  • Tap on Add Action, select a contact in Send Message interface, and tap next.
  • In the Message template, type whatever you want.

how to schedule a text message

  • Check out the Automation again to review it, so it has the correct info you want. It will surely be a secure experience if you put all the information correctly.

send automated texts iphone

  • Switch off the Ask Before Option. Then your message will be delivered automatically.
  • If you feel satisfied, tap on Done. Now you are all done with this process.

Things to know about shortcuts App solution

You can use the preinstalled Shortcuts app only on iPhone 13. But for the later versions, you have to install it from Apple App Store. If you are scheduling a text message this way, it will automatically create a recurring message. This message will be sent on the same date every month. For this to happen only as a one-time event, delete the automation after the scheduled message has been sent once. The cellular services from apple support are beneficial in creating new automation to schedule the texts.


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How Do You Use Third-Party Apps to Send a Delayed Message?

You can send delayed messages with ease and comfort using a third-party app. These interesting apps will enable you to send delayed text messages and also recurring messages at the same time.

These apps may be a perfect choice for you to send delayed messages in real-time. These apps give users various options, like setting up reminder messages and informing them through a notification. You can go with free or paid versions, whatever suits you.

1. Kyew – Scheduled Text Messages

how to send timed messages


  • It enables you to set up recurring messages on your phone to have seamless experiences.
  • Attach invitations, cards, family photos, videos, and files you want.
  • If you have a photo library, attach your collection of photos.
  • Adds the ability for users to use the attachments with messages.
  • Schedule text, add what you want, set a reminder, and you will be notified of the due date.


  • For both personal and business use.
  • Free to use.


  • Some functions need a subscription.
  • Messages will not automatically send.

Get Kyew from App Store


2. Carrier Messaging

how to send a scheduled text


  • Schedule text messages, add contacts, and get notifications at the right time.
  • Helps you through unique capabilities in messages.
  • Coordinates with your built-in mobile messages app.
  • Have a good device experience because your voice can create messages on your iPhone.
  • Make groups of friends and send scheduled texts to all of them simultaneously.
  • Say Marry Christmas to your kids with its features if you are far away.


  • Use your Voice to schedule text.
  • Free to use.
  • Excellent customer privacy policy.
  • Use a dark theme.


  • Messages will not automatically send.
  • Not give the recurring option.

Get Carrier Messaging from App Store


3. Moxy Messanger

schedule a text message iPhone


  • It gives a secure experience to schedule text.
  • Have a range of options as it supports social media apps.
  • Communicate with your friends, family members, and business management.
  • Use SMS, iMessage, Email, and Social media apps to send scheduled texts.
  • Add updates to messages, reschedule them, or delete them.


  • Free to use.
  • Allow to schedule text through WhatsApp, Messenger, and more.


  • Doesn’t send messages and mail automatically.
  • New Versions are not free to use.

Get Moxy Messanger from App Store


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you schedule a text message on your iPhone for free?

You can do it easily using Shortcut or a free third-party app. These apps will help you update messages through message scheduling features. They facilitate you to set a reminder message to send the SMS text messages on time. They provide all updates to users by reminding important dates. So, they can relive complete family moments by knowing the date of the celebrations.

How to automate text messages on iPhone?

Use the Shortcut App on your iPhone because it is the only way to automate text messages. Apple doesn’t allow any scheduling app downloaded from your Apple App store to automate the texts on iPhone. Many apps might provide ease to you in scheduling texts for free. You can also go with a preinstalled shortcut app on your iPhone. Using the Shortcut app option might lead you to a complicated process, but it will be free. You can now easily remember all the upcoming calendar events.


I hope that this article might help solve all your problems. I have mentioned all the possible ways to schedule a text. Scheduling Messages was difficult earlier because many people didn’t know this feature of the iPhone before.

Now you can celebrate your festivals, worth living, and cultural moments. iPhone provides many services to the users like Apple Mapsis, Apple Media Helpline, Apple Music, Wallet for Apple, an All-New Lock Screen Experience, and preinstalled Shortcut app. They are facilitating their users with all sorts of services so they can use iOS and iPhone smoothly.

You have had a great experience using these features. You can use any of the three scheduler apps above to schedule a text by accepting all pros and cons. Please choose the one that suits you, but I suggest you use the Shortcuts app. The Shortcut app will be a more reliable option. You cannot have such additional options on an android phone or device. Enjoy your life and know about the technology that might help you in the future.

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