Saudi Oil Facilities, Houthis

Yemen Houthis carried out multiple drone attacks on the Saudi Oil Facilities, on Tuesday, right after a day, when Saudi Oil Tankers had been damaged.

A Houthi Spokesperson, Mohammed Abdul Salam, claimed the responsibility of the attacks, and said in a Tweet that these attacks were a response to Saudia’s Genocide and aggression in Yemen.

Although, Houthis are backed up by Iran, which made unclear for the fact that the attacks were made in retaliation because of the increasing tension between Iran and the United States and its allies in the Persian Gulf.

Four Oil Tankers were damaged in those drone attacks at the coast of the United Arab Emirates and Emirati Government called it, Act of Sabotage.

The Drone strikes on Saudi Oil Facilities, were named by Khalid Al-Falih, an act of terrorism and sabotage.

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The Tuesday attack was carried out on two pumping stations which were operated by Saudi Aramco. The Ministry of Energy said that one of the stations was shut down due to the fire. The station is under evaluation of their condition and stated that, no Saudi Oil Production is interrupted because of the attacks.

There was a jump in the Price of Oil right after the attacks occurred, of about 1.65 percent after which the Brent Crude stood at $71.39.

The main reason of the attacks was cooked up tension because of the U.S.-Iranian tension this month in Washington D.C, to try and cut off the Iran’s Oil exports by zero and increase the U.S military presence in the Gulf in response to the Iranian threats.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said that there wouldn’t be any kind of War with the U.S, and that the Iranian state has just chosen for resistance against this decision. He further stated that state would not negotiate with the United States over Iran’s 2015 Nuclear Deal with weapons.

In retaliation of the Houthis Attack, Saudi Arabia carried out 17 air strikes.

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