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Sanam Saeed is the perfect combination of beauty and brains. She is a Superstar of her own kind. In the Pakistani media industry, Sanam Saeed dramas have made her a household name in Pakistan, for her perfect acting skills. The Zindagi Gulzar hai actress is natural with acting and she is full of expressions. But in her personal life, she calls herself emotionally aloof. It was back in 2018 when she first time opened up about her personal life. Sanam Saeed talked about family, siblings, husband, Sanam Saeed Instagram handle and divorce on Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada. With a peek into her personal life we loved her even more.

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Sanam Saeed dramas and movies:

Zindagi Gulzar hai Actress has broken the bonds of the small screen, and she has made her mark on the Silver screen too. Sanam fell in love with acting and the media when she was only 6 years old. By the time she reached sweet 16, She started modeling professionally. Her Career for the TV started with the Music channel Indus music, where she hosted a music show.

Zindagi Gulzar hai Actress continued modeling and soon grabbed the chance to work in some amazing theatrical productions, such as Mama Mia, Chicago, and Blackfish. Working in theater also brought the vocalist in her to the spotlight and she made it to the famous music show Coke Studio as a background singer.

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Her TV Debut was drama Serial Daam in which she played a negative role to perfection. And there was no turning back after that. She has played a variety of roles from the doe-eyed simpleton to the cunning vamp. And, she has been phenomenal in all of them. Sanam Saeed dramas are a treat to watch because of her acting skills.

Tough real fame came to her with the drama Zindagi Gulzar hai. In which she played the lead role against the heartthrob Fawad Khan. Their chemistry was exceptional and the drama was a success. She received the best actress popular for her role as Kasahf Murtuza.

Maah-e-Meer was her first film, where she played the role of a wicked, planner Naina Kanwal. After Maah-e-Meer, She did a comedy, action, thriller “Bachana” with Mohib Mirza. And this was followed by four more amazing movies.

The natural actress is willing to spread her wings across the border and waiting for the right script.

Sanam Saeed Childhood and Upbringing:

This superstar was born into a Pakistani family settled in London on February, 2nd 1985. Her father was an interior designer and her mother was an art teacher.  Sanam Saeed has three siblings. She says she got her confidence from her parents, who taught her to stay grounded while reaching for the sky. And inculcated positive habits in her and her siblings for life.

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Zindagi Gulzar hai superstar family moved to Pakistan when she was only six and settled in Karachi. She went to school at Bay View High and did her A-levels from L’cole college Karachi. Her school and college also nurtured her acting talents. Sanam Saeed Siblings are equally talented and creative in their respective fields.

Her mother is the major influence in her life. Sanam was extremely attached to her. And, therefore when her mother fell terminally ill, Sanam left everything to be with her.

Sanam Saeed Instagram is a reflection of her personality, yet she says social media is only or her media life only.

Relationship with her mother:

Mothers are a gift of God and we value this gift, even more, when God takes it back. This is definitely not the case with this stunning beauty. Being the eldest daughter, Sanam was always closest to her mother. So much that she couldn’t live away from her in her last days. Sanam Saeed was married and settled in Dubai with her husband when she got to the news of her mom’s illness.

Losing her mother affected her a lot. She said, being a practical person I was always prepared for her death. And so she used her mother’s last years to bond with her. She wanted to cherish every single moment with her. And when she finally left Sanam felt happy or her, that finally, she was out of pain.

Mother’s passing influenced Sanam Saeed to a great extent. She even went on to say, Now that my mother is not around I don’t want to have children. She said this might be a temporary feeling, but it is strong right now.

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Death has always been something I viewed as an inevitable part of life. I subconsciously always kept myself prepared for it , so when the time came sooner or later I  could brace myself for the loss of a loved one. Oddly enough it helped when that time came sooner.. rather than later.. Also they say you're never prepared for death and it's true but I'm glad I got to say goodbye and spend my undivided time with my mother in her last year. I never thought I'd write public posts about her . But it's hard not to honor, remember and talk about such a wonderful being. Her high spirits and electric energy. Her hearty uninhibited laughter. Her integrity her  stamina, her generosity and pure heart. She has shaped every iota of my being. Kept my feet on the ground but encouraged me to reach for the skies at the same time. Taught me compassion  and respect for all people, things and values. Instilled a strong sense of humility and gratitude in me. Reminded me to never lose touch with the inner child, and drove home the essence of being straightforward and honest as much as possible. She rubbed off on everyone whose path she crossed. The stories the gratitude the love and memories random people share with me every now and then is heartwarming. Thank you for always remembering her too. 2 years today, 💐

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Her Views On Love and Marriage

Unlike Sanam Saeed dramas’ roles, she is a very private person. Also, she is extremely reserved in nature. And, that is why nobody could look through her strong demeanor. It wasn’t until she chooses to open up about her personal life on the famous YouTube show Speak Your Heart with Samina Peerzada that her fans got to see her vulnerable side.

She shared her bits and pieces of her life on the show, Sanam Saeed and siblings share a close bond with each other and their parents.

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In the heart to heart with Samina Peerzada, Sanam also opened up about her marriage to her childhood friend Farhan. And about her divorce too. The poised Sanam told the painful details of why she had to break the relationship even though they loved each other.

She declared that Love and friendship should never overlap. Friendships should be left that way.

Sanam Saeed’s Heartbreaking divorce

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Sanam married her friend and the love of her life, Farhan Ali in a simple wedding in Karachi. The beautiful couple then moved to Dubai and settled there. Sanam Saeed later got a divorce.

Talking about her divorce Sanam Saeed said, she feels that husband and wife should give each other their undivided attention. With her mother’s illness, she wasn’t able to concentrate on her marriage. She wanted to be with her mother in her last days. Farhan, Sanam Saeed’s husband was cooperative with her and supported her to go live with her mother. Still, she felt she needed to let him go. She wanted him to find someone who would love him without any distraction.

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And, so Sanam Saeed divorced her husband. Taking full responsibility for the breakup. She said I think actors should marry within their line of work. No outsider can really understand the life of an actor.

She added that we see the same trend in Hollywood and Bollywood where actors marry within the acting community, and it works.

In a nutshell:

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Sanam Saeed complete package. She is not only beautiful on the outside, but she is pure and beautiful on the inside too. She is a strong feminist woman and we love her for being so proudly herself. Follow Sanam Saeed Instagram handle to see her beautiful clicks and little pieces of wisdom from her.



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