Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Price in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ prices have reduced in Pakistan after Huawei P30 Pro and the Huawei P30 hit the store shelves. It is working on a new marketing strategy to lower the prices of its new S-series flagships in order to increase its sale. Samsung s10+ price in Pakistan is 1230$

Samsung the tech giant launched its latest S-series on 13th March 2019 in Pakistan and after a month they have decided to decrease its prices by a significant amount. This marketing tactic is definitely a tool to seek more attention of customers globally.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ Prices

Whereas, if we look into the prices of these two amazing launch, then Samsung Galaxy S10 was worth of Rs. 165,000 while Samsung Galaxy S10+ costs Rs. 185,000 a month ago. But after a month, Samsung cut down the prices of 128GB Samsung series and the difference is quite impressive. Samsung Galaxy S10’s new price is Rs. 140,000 and that is Rs. 25,000 lower than before. While the new price of S10+ is Rs. 160,000 that is Rs. 20,000 lower in comparison to its previous high price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, Huawei, Samsung price

According to the sources Samsung was reducing its S10+ price before to Rs. 142,500 but now they have revealed the original prices. This shows that this is the second time Samsung Galaxy has reduced its selling rate. This decrease in prices will definitely give an edge to the Samsung market. While some people are expecting the same decrease from Huawei P30 and P30 Pro as well. But we all know that Huawei has an advantage over its new camera.


Samsung Galaxy s10 price in Pakistan

Latest Samsung galaxy s10 price in Pakistan is 144,999 as on 7 Feb 2020

Samsung s10+ price in Pakistan

Latest Samsung galaxy s10+ price in Pakistan is 219,999 as on 7 Feb 2020

Well, there are many hypotheses that tell a different story about this sudden drop in rates of Samsung Galaxy. Some say that this action may have occurred due to certain tax regimes. While others say that this reduction may be the result of competition in the market between Huawei P30 and P30 Pro and Samsung.

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