Samsung Galaxy Fold Fixed-Coming in September

Samsung has recently announced that it has fixed the Samsung Galaxy Fold screen with some protective improvements and will soon be available for selling. The date has not yet released, but the foldable phone of the Galaxy will be available in September. However, the price of this Samsung foldable phone will be the same as before $1,980.

Galaxy Fold Changes are as Follows:

  • It comprises of a protective layer Infinity Flex Display, which has been extended beyond the bezel. This will be an integral part of Galaxy folds’ display structure.
  • In order to maintain a Galaxy Fold structure, an additional reinforcement has been provided to protect it from the external particles.
  • Moreover, the hinge area of these Samsung Galaxy Fold has been strengthened with a newly added caps for protection. These will cover the area from top to bottom. The metal layers has been added under the Infinity Flex Display in order to protect the display.
  • The gap between the hinge and the Galaxy Fold has been reduced.

Protective Layer:

Protective layer has been extended and this is somehow the most important thing done by the Samsung Galaxy regarding the Galaxy foldable phones. Some of the users peeled it off, thinking that it was screen protector and damaged their handsets.

Additional Reinforcement:

While, additional reinforcement is another import aspect being introduced in these foldable phones. It will provide protection from the external particles. It was experienced by their own unit as the debris may enter the handset, affecting its functionality. It was suspected that debris may enter through the hinge and damaged the screen from behind. In this way, they have reduced the space between the hinge and the body for excellent experience.

You can see yourself the difference between the new and the old version of Samsung fold. The new version below holds an extra piece inside the hinge to protect it from the external particles and the debris, which may enter into the screen.

galaxy foldSimilarly, you can see the difference, when the back of the hinge compared with the old version. The difference between the hinge and body has been reduced in the picture below. The changes made by Samsung Galaxy in their foldable phones look subtle.





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