Samaa TV Morning Show Host Apologized to Nasir Khan Jan

Samaa TV’s morning show host Mohammad Shoaib apologizes for bullying Nasir Khan Jan on the live show

“I’ve learned from what happened,”

Samaa TV Morning Show Host Apologized:

The Naya din host used his morning show platform to apologize for treating Nasir khan Jan in a degrading manner.

“I’ve learned from what happened. I understand that a guest should be respected and there is a way to ask a question. ”

Not only did he admit his mistake. But he also applauded Nasir khan Jan for keeping his cool throughout. He took Nasir Khan on a live call and directly apologized to him.

The Samaa TV morning show host, Shoaib admitted that his tone and questions were wrong and condescending to say the least, he extended his apology to the viewers, and Nasir’s fans.

“My questions were wrong and so was my manner and approach. That hurt the sentiments of Nasir Khan Jan, his fans and all our viewers and I apologize for that, because that was wrong.”

Twitter responded positively and cheered the Samaa TV morning show host for admitting his mistake openly.

Nasir Khan Jan Accepted the Apology:

Proving himself to be the bigger person Nasir accepted the apology and thanked the audience for the support he received even from people who doesn’t approve of his content.

In his message following the interview, Nasir Khan said, “Those people who would send me nasty messages, now supported me”.

He also added that it doesn’t take much to be helping and positive, in his statement he said,” it would be wonderful if we all were positive with each other like this.”

Earlier, the infamous YouTuber posted his take on the bullying he faced on the Samaa TV morning show. In his message he said “When you invite a guest on your show, please respect them.

And that’s something we totally agree with, because both in our culture and religion guests are considered god sent and are treated with utmost respect.

It has become a trend on morning shows to get TRP by doing outrageous stuff, sensationalizing things and outright bullying their guests. We hope Samaa TV morning show producers will learn from the incident.

As Nasir Khan Jan said,

“If you treat them (guest) with respect, more will happily come on your show.”

Maryam Kishwer

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