There is a revolution in McDonald’s menus through digital displays with $300 million Tech Bite as it is all set to acquire Dynamic Yield Ltd. This deal is considered as the largest acquisition in 20 years by McDonald, after the purchase of Boston Market in 1999. The reason behind this technology acquisition is personalizing the menus of McDonald in more Digital ways.

McDonald Menus Revolution

McDonald Corp. is planning to prevail in the international through this smart tactic of taking a Big Tech Bite. McDonald is well aware of the fact that the world is accepting more digital descriptions of everything with time. History shows that McDonald rarely takes a risk to acquire this kind of biggest market. So, the purchase of Dynamic Yield Ltd will provide McDonald with a competitive advantage in the restaurant industry to speed up its growth through leverage of technology. As per Easterbrook, technology will play a fundamental role in expanding McDonald industry in the future. This biggest Tech deal will enable McDonald to speed up its vision of introducing more personalized experience and displays for their customers.

Dynamic Yield Ltd. For Digital Displays 

Acquisition of Dynamic Yield Ltd. is going to pave the way of technology and digital displays for best McDonald’s Menus for its customers. Logically, if we look at this deal, then it is not only undertaken to attract many customers but also to ease their customers. When you come to place an order at McDonald, digital display along with promotional deals will greet you. Hence, even before going into the ordering area you will easily choose your favorite deal through these attractive digital displays. These electronic menu boards will provide McDonald’s restaurant with an opportunity to display its items according to weather or season. These digital displays will help this restaurant industry to offer several deals like coffee on cold days and McFlurries on the hot days. This revolution may also add regional preferences of customers and the menus they love the most on to the display.

This Tech deal is the largest one for the Chicago-based chain in 20 years. Through this acquisition, McDonald will become the sole owner of Dynamic Yield limited. I think this deal is considered as the smartest of all in the history of McDonald’s Corporation. This deal will make McDonald Corporation number one in this competitive market.


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