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One of the Best Turkish series (resurrection tv show) that is Filmed in a beautiful valley of Turkey, Riva village, Istanbul, this Diriliş Ertuğrul Resurrection Ertugrul history drama comprises seasons with 100 episodes. Ertugrul Ghazi or Resurrection Ertugrul is a story that covers drama, action, adventure, romance, conspiracies, socio-political events in the Muslim Turkish world. Resurrection Ertugrul cast comprises versatile actors and out of them Ertugrul Ghazi, Halime Hatun, and Turgut Alp are most admired ones.


Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Previously, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has directed Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Media Affairs, Iftikhar Durrani to air Turkish TV series Dirilis Ertugrul in Pakistan. Based on Islamic history and true Islamic values, this Turkish series has been admired by our President. On Netflix, Ertugrul’s viewership has been immensely increased and people have fallen in love with this Turkish series.


Ertugrul History Overview

This is a heroic story of Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Osman (Uthman) who founded the Ottoman EmpireThe story revolves around the Turkish warrior Ertugrul from the 13th century who wants to bring peace among people. This warrior is at war with Crusaders, Byzantines, and Mongols who have killed many Turks.

The entire show is about a Kayi-nomadic tribe from the mid-1200s who ran from their homeland after Mongols invaded Central Asia. They settled in a territory by the Seljuk Sultanate for their survival. However, they ended up making a deal with Mongols and Crusaders. 


True Story

Based on a true story of the Ottoman Empire, Ertugrul founded a new state. A series of events begins afterward including trying to maintain justice, facing new challenges, hardships like keeping a balance between what your traditions say and a continuous struggle to do something else or doing the right thing.

ertugrul history


Diriliş Ertuğrul -Resurrection Ertugrul Cast

The Diriliş Ertuğrul Resurrection Ertugrul cast is huge and based on the Kayi tribe and many others. Let’s have a look at these versatile characters.

  • So, let’s start with Ertugrul cast, the leading character in Resurrection Ertugrul cast. So, this man loves to swing his sword, and he is brave enough to give a tough time to his rivals. He is not only a hot-headed warrior, idealist but also a champion in Ertugrul’s history.
  • Then comes Suleyman Shah, father of Ertugrul, and the leader of the Ottoman Empire. His wisdom and approach towards decision making have saved the tribe from danger frequently.
  • You will see Gundogdu as the big brother of Ertugrul who always prefers to maintain peace in the tribe. Although he is on good terms with his brother Ertugrul, Gundogdu gets mad for his love life with Halime Hatun.resurrection ertugrul cast
  • The younger brother of Suleyman Shah named Kurdoglu held grudges against his brother. However, he faced the harsh reality of life after losing his child and wife in the Mongols attack.
  • Then comes the women of the tribe which include Hayme, Selcan, Gokce, Aykiz, Halime Hatun, and many more. 
  • The non-Kayis tribe includes Titus and Eftelya- the Knights Templar, father, and brother of Halime Hatun- Numan and Yigit, Ibn Arabi, El-Aziz, and Afsin turkish tv serial , turkish series

    Resurrection Ertugrul History

Without further delay, let me take you on a quick trip of Resurrection Ertugrul cast and Ertugrul history.


Season 1

So, season 1 starts with the beginning of the Ottoman Empire, when Suleyman Shah sent Ertugrul with 3 companions on a mission to discover the Nomad group site. So, Knights Templar are enemies with greater power and resources. And they found the nomadic tribe weak in front of them in terms of resources and power.


Season 2 

Moving on to season 2, where Ertugrul got captured by Mongols by the Noyan tribe. At this very moment, the Kayi tribe seeks refuge from the Dodurga by Korkut Bey- sibling of Hayme Ana. Anyhow, Ertugrul managed to escape and the drama took another turn with the entry of his missing sibling, Sungurtekin.

After the defeat of the Noyan and Gumustekin tribes, conflict arises between the Kayi tribe. They were separated on the decision to either move with Ertugrul towards the western border of Anatolia or to stay with Gundogdu and Sungurtekin. 

At the end of this season, around 400 people with Ertugrul, Halime Hatun, Dundar, and Hayme Ana left the rest of the Kayi tribe behind. 


Season 3

The next challenge for Ertugrul in Western Asia, Anatolia was the Cavdar tribe, the strongest one. The Cavdar tribe stands for amazing trading skills along with Candar Bey children Aslihan, Ural, and Aliyar. Ural Bey comes out to be a dishonest one and craves for his father’s beylik.

After Hanli Bazar got defeated by Ertugrul, Ural was found guilty of destroying Ertugrul, damaging property, and killing Karacahisar’s Tekfuru. Somehow, Ural seeks help from the rivals of Turks and the new leader of Karacahisar Vasiliyus. 

However, with the alliance of Ural’s sibling Aliyar Bey, Ertugrul successfully conquered Ural and Vasiliyus. 


Season 4

In the fourth season, you will find the Kayilar tribe mourning over the death of Ertugrul. In this survival fight for beyik, Bahadir Bey- Aslihan’s uncle craved for beyik as well. However, you will see Ertugrul alive in the captivity of a trader in this season. 

Meanwhile, Ertugrul siblings Dundar tried to sell Hanil Bazar after Ertugrul sibling Dundar was appointed as the bey Kayilar. Anyhow, Ertugrul made his evil mission impossible successfully.

After expatriating to Dundar, Ertugrul announced a war against the Byzantines. Then a series of events continues followed by the capture of Gunduz (son of Ertugrul), Ertugrul beheading Bahadir Bey, and capture of Ares by him. Later Ares vows to expose Kopek’s crime, and then Ares converted to Islam and named him Ahmet.

Kopek poisoned the Sultan, and Giyaseddin became the new Sultan. Ertugrul got captured and then Ibn Arabi released him safely.

The audience falls in love with this serial, which comprises Islamic beliefs and characters busy in doing Islamic tasks. And you will find them doing wudu, offering prayers and reciting Zikar-e-Allah Almighty. 


Season 5

10 years have passed and the battle of Kose Dag continues, followed by the emergence of new authorities named Umurogullari. The stability of Sogut gets disrupted. You will find the daughter of Umur Bey in love with Ertugrul in this season.

The commander Drogos tried to capture Sogut and kill Umur Bey and deceive Gunduz. And the season continues with the entry of Beybolat Bey. 

Diriliş Ertuğrul , turkish series , resurrection tv show


In Pakistan, people are going crazy for Turkish series Ertugrul Ghazi as it holds its charm for Islamic history, warriors, and adventures. Ertugrul and Halime Hatun have become a center of attention, and this Turkish drama has been trending in many Islamic countries like Pakistan.

After the recommendation of this Turkish series by Prime Minister Imran Khan, Diriliş Ertuğrul (resurrection tv show) has broadcast on PTV in Pakistan. It goes on air at 7.5pm, 12 midnight, and noon from PTV. No doubt Ertugrul has become the most popular series among Muslim countries, and especially in Pakistan. Despite hundreds of episodes, people have fond of this Islamic series (resurrection tv show)and they have been admiring the character Ertugrul for his bravery, leadership, and decision making in the tribe. 

This (resurrection tv show) has gathered much appreciation for assembling the pearls of the Ottoman Empire, Islamic history, and Ertugrul Ghazi at a tremendous level. And we all know that the credit goes to the President of Turkey Erdogan for the idea to direct this kind of an amazing series at an international level. You will find true Muslim culture, faiths, trials, deceit, repentance for evil deeds, corruption because of injustice, and execution for doing wrong. Hence, you will get a deep knowledge of Islamic values and people fighting and dying for the cause of Islam and to elevate its worth.

If you have not yet started watching this Turkish drama, then you can follow its latest episodes on PTV in Pakistan. If you are a Netflix freak, then you can watch it trending on this global movie site. Ertugrul Ghazi (resurrection tv show) is a true story of an Islamic hero who fought like a champion for the cause of Islam. Muslims from all around the world are loving this Turkish series based on Islamic history.

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