Resume Writing Tips -Avoid 8 Mistakes In Your Resume

Are you a multi-skilled, multi-talented professional looking for jobs? You can’t just list your skillset by word of mouth, that’s where the resume comes in to validate them. A resume is an integral part of a job hiring process. A single document that gives your client the first impression of you and a resume summary of your accomplishments. This blog will list down some common mistakes you might make and resume writing tips on how to avoid those to ensure that you create a resume that stands out and captures the attention of your client. Effective Resume Tips for Students are discussed below at the end.




Imagine submitting your resume for a “Content Writer” position and ending up making several spelling or punctuation errors. It can leave a bad impression on your client, and you might be rendered careless in their sight which will hinder your chances of being hired. Specifically, if the errors are in your resume summary, it is bound to catch the attention of the HR Department.

  • Format Mistake: The use of inconsistent fonts or styles will make the resume appear unprofessional. These are the basic and first resume writing tips you will hear from the general audience. 
  • Spelling Mistakes: You might carelessly misspell words and it could change the entire meaning of a sentence. 
  • Vocabulary Usage: Make sure that you use simple vocabulary in your resume to avoid inaccurate usage of words.
  • Education and Personal Information: Entering incorrect education or personal information can result in disqualification. For instance, if your job requires an MS Psychology and you unconsciously enter BS Psychology, it will exclude you from the eligible candidates.
    Similarly, entering an incorrect email or phone number can result in your client contacting someone else instead of you, or just never being able to reach out to you at all. 

Always proofread your resume a couple of times and for extra security ask someone else like your friends to also go through it and point out any mistakes. You can also use any online proofreading resources.



While writing your job description or resume summary make sure you mention what you accomplished instead of simply jotting down what the actual job duties were. You should also quantify your accomplishments to leave a better impression. Make sure that your capabilities are strongly characterized in order to create a CV that stands out among all others. 

List the accomplishments clearly and make sure they match the job requirements that the employer is looking for.



This should be one of the highlighted resume tips since most undergraduates believe that adding every minute skill is crucial, using Microsoft Word however is not a skill. In today’s world of technology, many people ranging from teens to adults are proficient users of many Graphic designing tools and other software. It’s no surprise that anyone can work on MS Word and be aware of all its features and tabs. However, if you mention using Microsoft Word as one of your skills, you’ll come off as ridiculous. If you want to show off your software skills, mention Adobe Software and your expertise in them.



Don’t go about playing with fonts and colours or adding edgy banners or frames in an attempt to look cool. You have to make sure that you create a resume that stands out not a resume that is outstandingly disappointing or unattractive. Unless you’re a graphic designer refrain from such artistic experiments. Make an elegant resume with your credentials on top, followed by the resume summary, education, experience, e.t.c.



This has to be one of the most ignored resume tips since people tend to forward the same resume for every job application. Make sure that with different job positions you update your resume according to the requirement of the organization. Showcase your relevant skills to show your employer why you are specifically fit for the position.



Your objective must correspond with the job position you’re applying for. A brief and enthusiastic objective statement added before your resume summary will create a resume that stands out.



This resume shouldn’t be too long or too short, this resume tip should be focused on. Neither should you exclude important information to shorten the length or include extra unimportant data to increase the length. A single page document is better, but if the data to be written is crucial you must add a page.



Your grades and scores don’t matter once you enter your professional life. What matters most is what skill set you’re providing and how experienced you are in your department of interest. Don’t go on about adding your GPA or SAT scores, unless it’s a 4.0, don’t bother mentioning it.


Effective Resume Tips for Students

These Effective Resume Tips for Students will make your Resume Stand out from the Crowd.

(1) Highlights your Achievements

(2) Make it Simple & Don’t make it complicated

(3) Keep it Short & Remove irrelevant Description

(4) Don’t Lie

(5) Alter your Resume according to the Job Description your Employer is Looking for as per your experience.

Hope you Like our Article pertaining to resume writing tips that make your resume stand out, Please share your Comments.

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