Red Meat Intake Will Put Your Life At Risk: A Warning!

Researchers warned that high consumption or excessive intake of red meat leads to the risk of death. A study proved that by replacing red meat intake with some healthy protein sources like eggs and fish, whole grains or vegetables will help you live longer.

Research on Daily Intake of Food 

A team of some expert’s researchers from Harvard University studied a link between people who take less red meat will live longer than those who take excessive intake. Females aged between 30 and 55 and male aged between 40 and 75 are free from cardiovascular disease and cancer disease according to the reports.

The participants were given a food frequency questionnaire every four years in which they were asked how often or on an average level they ate each food which contains proteins or how often that ate red meat in past years. Then those participants were divided into five categories based on their changes in red meat intake.

During the study period, the total number of deaths from the heavy intake of red meat, respiratory disease and neurodegenerative disease was reached almost 14,019.

By reducing red meat intake excessively while having some healthy food like whole grains, vegetables or other protein foods such as eggs and fish leads to lower risk of death among both women and men.

Red Meat is the cause of many Diseases 

Red meat such as beef, lamb and pork or some sort of processed meat such as sausages and bacon have a higher capacity of certain cancers, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. World Cancer Research Fund declares that high intake of processed meat leads to bowel cancer.

It may speed up the process leading to severe heart disease, lung disease or dementia because of high saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. These things are bad for health because it only leads to death.

We can lower the risk of death by taking more servings of fish daily than that of meat which lowers risk of death to 17%.

The study shows that we should not eat meat on a constant or regular basis. We have to keep track of our food and should manage our diet with proteins like fish, eggs, grains, fruits and vegetables.

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