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Sometimes, a crisis hit you in the form of lost or deleted data. In this digital world, most of the crucial data files are present on your computer or other devices. By mistake, or due to any glitch in your system, you lose data of utmost importance to you. However, now you do not have to panic over losing data, because you can recover it with the help of many software. One such tool, considered best for data recovery is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. The EaseUS data recovery review is discussed below in detail.


EaseUS Data Recovery Review

No software is perfect when it comes to restoring deleted files; but, EaseUS data recovery wizard assures you. This tool works best to retrieve the lost data; it scans quickly and efficiently. Moreover, using EaseUS is easier than you can think.

So, you can read through this EaseUS data recovery review to find more about it. Also, the step-by-step process of how to use the EaseUS data recovery wizard will help in operating it without any issues. 


Price And Plans

The basic version of EaseUS is free, and you can restore up to 2 GB data with it. This size is larger than the extent that many other data recovery tools and software offer. However, if you want to recover files more than 2 GB, you can get the paid versions too.

There are three types of paid versions you can find: Pro, Pro+ WinPE, and technician. Each one of them comes with a monthly subscription, yearly subscription, and lifetime upgrades. Also, with each version, advancement in the features occurs too. 

The least you have to pay is for the monthly subscription of the pro version, which is $ 69.95. In comparison, the Pro+ WinPE version is available in $ 99.90. Besides, you can easily check out their features and pricing in detail on the official website. So, you can decide whether the free program can fulfill your need, or you need to upgrade to the paid version. Please visit


Why EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard?

Many data recovery tools are available, but EaseUS has made its unique place among them. It can recover data from multiple devices like memory cards, hard disks, MP3, MP4, and computers. Also, it is applicable for various versions like Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. 

EaseUS can even help you find data deleted from the recycle bin. It works efficiently and scans faster than many other tools. Also, the user-friendly interface makes the search straightforward. You can even look for the lost files along with the scanning. So, you would not need to go through the entire scan; you can find your desired file before scanning completes. 

Besides, EaseUS also specify the non-recoverable data. It does not give you false hopes and provides a list of files that are not recoverable. So, it gets easy for you to sort out all the files and folders. 

Steps: How To Use EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 

Firstly, to use EaseUS data recovery wizard, you need to download this software. It is easy to find, install, and use. Even a non-tech savvy person can restore the lost files in a jiffy with it.

So, if you are wondering about how to use EaseUS data recovery wizard, then look no further. Here, we have explained a systemic guide for using EaseUS. The following steps of the data recovery wizard will find your lost files easily. 


Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

First of all, find the software online and install it. You can go to EaseUS website and download it from their website. There are different versions available as per your device. 


Step 1: Select A Specific Location

how to use easeus data recovery

After installation, the first step you need to take, to recover your files, is to specify a location. Once you have launched EaseUS, you need to give this software a place to start the search. So, the software can only look into that specific location thoroughly. 

Moreover, EaseUS data recovery wizard can go through your hard disk as well as other devices. Every connected device like USB, memory cards, external hard disk, video players, or digital cameras, is scannable by EaseUS. Once you have selected the drive or location, you can start the scan.


Step 2: Start Scanning For The Lost Files

EaseUS data recovery review

Now, after clicking on the scan button, EaseUS will start scanning. But, you should know that this scanning of the drive could take hours. The time for the search depends on the type and size of your disk. Also, the time could vary from two hours to eight hours as per the device.

However, there is another choice that you can use to save time. That is the option to search the results during scanning. You can filter the files with the help of the search bar and try to locate your desired file. So, with the help of this option, you can restore your files even before the entire scan gets done.

Moreover, you also get the option to save your scan results. That way, you would not need to go through the same scan again in the future. But, this option is only valid if you have retrieved the lost file. If your desired file did not exist at the selected location, you would have to perform a new scan. 

The interface and the folders’ alignment will be like your computer or device. The displayed files will be easy to search and find. Also, you can click on the file “Type” button to group files in specific folders, such as audio, video, documents, archives, emails, pictures, and so on. That way, the search will become smoother and straightforward for you.  


Step 3: Recover Your Lost Files

Data recovery wizard

After the scanning, you can now recover and retrieve your lost files. EaseUS data recovery wizard will display all the scanned files, found on the hard disk. Also, you can filter your desired lost files with the help of a search bar. 

Additionally, you can select the type or category to look for your lost file. You do not need to restore whole folders; you can go down the folders to select desired files. That way, you can click on the individual file for retrieval.

You will get many options to search and look for the files. Therefore, recovering your lost files becomes more effortless. Once you have located the desired file, choose it and click on the recover button. Then, you will have to select a location where you want to save these recovered files. By following this EaseUS data recovery review process, your lost files will be within your reach again.

 However, keep in mind that the free trial only allows recovery of files up to 2 GB. If you want to retrieve files, more than 2 GB, then you will have to go for their pro plan. 


Final Words

Crying over lost data files is old news; now, you have an efficient tool available for data recovery. One of the best data recovery software is EaseUS data recovery wizard. We have told you in the EaseUS data recovery review that it is user-friendly and quick to install. So, you can easily retrieve your lost data.

Additionally, the step-by-step guide regarding how to use EaseUS data recovery makes it easy to operate. The data recovery might take time and might not be perfect; but, EaseUS is the best when it comes to retrieving your deleted data from hard disk.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is EaseUS com safe to use?

When it comes to safety, EaseUS data recovery wizard makes sure that your data remains encrypted. It offers a secure process and encrypts all your data automatically. Also, the customization makes it pretty easy to make the whole system easy to use.  

Is EaseUS really free?

You can find the EaseUS data recovery wizard free version online. With its help, the recovery of 2 GB data is easy and smooth. The free version helps in scanning all your files and restores data deleted from the recycle bin. 

Can I trust EaseUS Data Recovery?

EaseUS data recovery wizard might not be the only software for data recovery. However, due to its performance and longtime service, it tops the list of best data recovery tools. Additionally, its user-friendly interface, encryption of your data, and efficiency make it trustable. 

How much does EaseUS Data Recovery cost?

EaseUS does offer a free trial to you. However, the most basic paid version costs you up to $ 69.95 at the most. Further, with advanced features, the pricing and plans upgrade and change.

Can EaseUS recover deleted files?

EaseUS data recovery wizard is a file recovery software for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. Whether you have lost files from your hard disk, USB, memory card, or any other device, it helps in recovering them. You can restore your deleted data with EaseUS.

How long does EaseUS recovery take?

There is no definite time specified for data recovery by EaseUS. EaseUS data recovery review tells us that the time for scanning and restoring data depends on your device and files’ size. Moreover, the performance of your computer and capacity of the hard disk also plays a role in scanning time. Generally, file recovery from a 1-TB, fully capable hard disk takes 10 to 12 hours at most.

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