Ramazan Weight Loss is Possible with Healthy Diet

Ramazan, the month of fasting is an ideal time to cleanse your soul and body of toxins. Ramazan weight loss could be a reality if you stick to a healthy diet and keep working out in Ramazan. As we are already 10 days down, let’s take the opportunity to develop healthier habits. Prepare a Ramazan diet and fitness plan and follow it religiously to enjoy weight loss in Ramazan.

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To make the most of Ramazan it is very important to follow the Sunnah eating habits. The biggest benefit of Ramazan is learning self discipline and control over your desires.

Pro-tips for Healthy Ramazan Weight Loss

Ideally, if you want to lose weight in Ramazan, make a diet plan before the month starts. It’s not too late even now, use our diet tips to eat cleaner and healthier. Continue working out in Ramazan, but if you are new to exercise a short Ramazan workout routine would do. Cut down on caffeine and soda drinks and substitute it with water.

Remember, there is a reason why you are asked to stay hungry for 12 hours or more, the fasting in Ramazan benefits your body in more ways that we can comprehend. But to enjoy these benefits of fasting, we should move our focus from food.

Perfect Sehri

To lose weight in Ramazan, avoid Parhatey, Khajla or Pheni, instead eat Chapati, whole wheat bread, beans or lentils and pasta. You should opt for fibrous slow digesting foods. This way you will feel full for longer.

Drink as much water as you can in sips in between the food. This way you the water will be assimilated into the tissues and not just flushed out. If you really want have just one cup of tea.

Ideal Iftar

We generally tend to stuff ourselves with Pakoras and Samosas follow by two to three glasses of sugar filled drinks. And we get too full to move for the Magrib prayer.

To lose weight in Ramazan, minimize after. Break your fast with a couple of dates and water or milk, and wait for at least half an hour before  eating a full meal. You can eat fruits in iftar too, but don’t put sugar, spices or cream on it. Just eat them natural.

Skip on the fried food altogether.

Have Regular Dinner

The dinner should have a portion of carbohydrates and proteins. That means roti, Chapati or rice with chicken, meat or lentils cooked in little oil is a great dinner.

The key to health is to stop eating when you are slightly less full. Eating in the company of family and friends makes us overeat. So, for healthy Ramazan weight loss be cautious and focus on your meal when eating it.

Lose Weight in Ramazan by Choosing the Right Drink

Your Ramazan diet plan must not include any kinds of fizzy, sugary drinks. They should be avoided otherwise too, but drinking a soda drink on an empty stomach is the worst you could do to yourself.

Milk or yoghurt based sugar, less drinks, like kachi (milk and water) or Lassi (yogurt, milk and water) should be a part of iftar. They are full of nutrition and help quench thirst too.

Date a Comprehensive Diet

Dates are a perfect food to break the fast. They provide you with instant energy that you need after a long day of fasting. Dates are packed with instant energy providing monosachride carbohydrates, Vitamin B and D, calcium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

If you take 1 to 3 dates with water or milk this will give you energy, prevent heartburn and reduce acidity. Also, it will help you let go of the traditional heavy Iftar.

Working out in Ramazan

Ramzan is usually too hectic to take time out of exercise, but where there’s a will there’s a way. Continue working out in Ramazan if you are a regular, else you can try a short Ramazan workout routine is could be a short exercise routine or a walk for 15 minutes. The best time to work out in Ramazan is after iftar. This will help with your physical and mental health.

Take Multi-vitamins

If you don’t keep track of the nutrition that you’re getting every day. It’s a good idea to add a multi-vitamin supplement in your Ramazan diet plan. Two hours after after being the perfect time for a multivitamin tablet.

Finally, To Lose Weight in Ramazan

Feel the essence of the month, prioritize ibadah and don’t try to eat 24 hours worth of food in the 8 hour time slot between Iftar and Sehri.



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