qazi saeed arrested

Just before the prime ministers Imran Khan’s visit to the US, the counter-terrorism department, Qazi Saeed arrested. He was travelling from Gujranwala to Lahore. This arrest was successions of detention of Qazi Saeed.

Qazi Saeed is the head of a religious organization which has changed names several times during the past years. He has remained under house arrests several times from 2005 to present.

Why Qazi Saeed Arrested?

Qazi Saeed has millions of followers who call him Amir. They follow his teachings by heart. But the arrest of the Qazi Saeed to due to international pressure. The international community is demanding action against terrorists and religious activists that openly call the west an enemy. The Government of Pakistan is also under the obligation to do the necessary actions to stop terror financing and terrorist pieces of training.

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The organization of Qazi Saeed is a big organization that works for Kashmir Cause and humanitarian efforts for people and they also collect donations from people. This collection of donation falls under the regulation of FATF regulations. If Pakistan wants to get better at its ranking off FATF then Pakistan has to take action against the terror financing and arrest the people collecting donations for terrorism. Due to this reason, Qazi Saeed is arrested.

Background of Mumbai Attacks Mastermind

Qazi Saeed was a University teacher of a prestigious institute of Lahore. He served at the University of Engineering and Technology until 1999. He is also a pensionary of Govt of Pakistan. He actively took participation in Russian and Afgan war and carried people from Pakistan to Afganistan for combat and combat training. He became the Amir of Markaz Dawa Wal Irshad then this name changed to Lasher-e- Taiba in the 90s. Later the name of the organization changed to Jamat ud Dawa and now the organization of Qazi Saeed is called Tehreek e Azadi -e Kashmeer.

Indian Government considers Qazi Saeed a threat and wants to do a surgical strike. The international community and trump demanded the arrest of Qazi Saeed.

The organization of qazi Saeed is a banned organization in Pakistan but it still works under the radar. There is a huge following of Qazi Saeed and it is expected that the followers will take this matter to court as they have done previously.

Qazi Saeed is also a student of esteemed scholar Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz. And Qazi Saeed belongs to Ahle Hadith school of thought.

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