Prince DFSK vehicle manufacturers, Regal Automobile Industry Ltd. is all set to introduce 800cc hatchback by Regal Automobile Industry Ltd. This will be a direct competitor of the United Auto Bravo Hatchback. Regal Automobile Industry Ltd. is planning to shake the auto local market with its new hatchback.

800cc Hatchback price and specifications

As reported, the expected price of this car will be between PKR 0.7 million and PKR 0.75 million. The new release of the 800cc Hatchback of Prince DFSK makes 40hp at 5,500rpm and 60.5Nm of torque at 3,500-4,500rpm. Rumors are that this launch will be geared on the roads soon in the first half of this year.

This new vehicle will be having 4-speed manual transmission, but also equipped with the automatic variant. Its features are expected to be like Auto Bravo. The name of this new 800cc Hatchback will be a code word “Pearl”.  And there are chances that it will be launched with the price tag of PKR 800,000.

Regal Automobile Industry Ltd already have imported few units of this car for testing and trials and considered as a good unit to be launched in our auto market in future.

There is an agreement that took place between DFSK Group of China and Regal Automobile Industry Ltd with the name “Prince”. This agreement relates to the assembly of the vehicles. Regal Automobile is considered as the third largest manufacturer of the bikes. Last year this industry started the assembly operation system in their automobile assembly plant where they produce light commercial vehicles and vans. They entered into this technical agreement under the name “Prince”, the brand which is already selling LCV’s throughout Pakistan with 3s dealership.

Well the speed of this newly launched 800cc Hatchback that is going to be named “Pearl” is 120/130 Km per hour. In the meantime, 800cc Hatchback is in direct competition with Suzuki Mehran and United Bravo. This road Prince DFSK, a popular 2-wheeler bike manufacturing company of Pakistan is taking a leap through 4-wheeled vehicle.

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