PM Imran Addresses the Nation before the Budget 2019

pm imran, budget 2019

Just before the budget 2019 would be announced, PM Imran addressed the nation regarding the financial, economical situation of the country.

In the Monday morning address to the Nation, PM Imran urged the people to avail the tax amnesty scheme.

Additionally, he said that every Pakistani has until 30th of June to declare their assets and benami accounts, as they won’t get a chance to do it so after the due date.

He has further urged the non-filer tax returns to fully avail the tax schemes as it will stabilize the country’s economy better and faster.

He further added that the incumbent Government has no such fake Bank accounts like the Previous Government had.

“We have signed agreements with different countries on the matter” he said.

According to the Prime Minister Imran Khan, most of the loans are utilized to repay the earlier debts installments and emphasized the importance on the importance of taxes and asset declaration.

He recalled in the address that the Country’s debt has been increased from Rs. 6,000 billion to Rs. 30,000 over the last 10 years.

The yearly tax collection of Pakistan is Rs. 4 trillion, and among that 4 Trillion,

He also added that among the whole world, Pakistani Citizens are the least tax payers.

He urged the citizens to Pay taxes as they cannot become a great nation without doing it so.

The message was telecasted at several local channels today at 9 AM in which he discussed tax reforms agenda and the measures which need to be taken and performed efficiently and are totally related to the economy.

In replies to the address of PM Imra, Marriyum Aurangzeb of PML-N stated that the address was nothing but a pack of lies and the nation need not to worry and that the upcoming Budget 2019, will impose taxes worth Rs. 14 Trillion.

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