Plastic Pollution in the Oceans is Killing Marine Life

Our ocean is getting filthier with every passing day. Plastic pollution is a big threat to the marine ecosystem. If we study the Plastic pollution fact, it’s alarming to see, plastic makes up the bulk of trash, the problem with plastic is it is not degradable. That means the plastic trash will remain unaltered for centuries. It might break down into smaller pieces due to wave action. But it will stay in the ocean and the fish may feed on it.

Plastic Pollution Facts

plastic pollution facts

Nearly 14 billion pounds of plastic enter the oceans every year, that’s 1.5 million pounds per hour. It could be large items or in small microplastic pieces.

If we keep on dumping our garbage in the ocean, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. The microplastic absorbs harmful dyes and toxins from the surroundings. It affects us in two ways, it kills the fish by poisoning them Or it cycles back to us as seafood polluted by toxins.

How Plastic affects Marine life?

marine life. Plastic Pollution

Need we say more!

Plastic pollution in the ocean is killing marine life and destroying the marine ecosystem. As per a study, 100000 marine animals die each year due to plastic pollution. They get entangled in the plastic and can’t get themselves out or suffocate to death. Around 1 million sea birds also die from eating or choking on plastic every year.

What to do?

Take a moment to look around yourself, we are surrounded by disposable plastic items. The chip bag you just opened, your water bottle, your straw, and a lot more things are made from plastic, what’s horrible is many of them are intended for one-time use. Where does it go when you throw it away to the landfills and eventually the oceans.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Picking out the plastic from the oceans is nearly impossible, so the best approach is to not let the plastic get to the ocean. Recycle and reuse anything that you can. Make sure to always dispose of trash wisely.

Proper Waste Management

The developing countries are the top contributors to the ocean’s plastic pollution because they lack a proper waste management system.

Join Cleaning Drives

Volunteer for organizations that run campaigns for cleaning. Or start your own campaign to keep your area, or the beach or the river bank clean. Don’t forget a small effort on your part will contribute big time to prevent the oceans and the earth.

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