PIA Flight 702 which was en-route to Islamabad, Pakistan from Manchester, UK delayed after a passenger mistakenly opened the Emergency exit door in an attempt to reach to the toilet. As a result of this incident, flight suffered a delay for eight hours.

The Pakistan International Airways (PIA) was heading from Manchester to Islamabad and it was ready to take off. But a confused woman in an attempt to reach to the toilet grasped the wrong door and opened the emergency evacuation slide door.

The flight was carrying around 400 passengers who were heading towards Islamabad and left Manchester on 5 pm Saturday. As a result of this issue, the flight reached several hours late at Islamabad airport. Many other flights from Manchester also suffered disruption as a result of this incident.

Some officials in Pakistan blamed PIA for this mishap as they had a shortage of staff. However, PIA spokesman revealed that all the passengers were fully facilitated. According to PIA, passengers were provided with dinner, transportation and hotel room and they will be adjusted in the next flight. PIA regrets about the incident that passengers and other airlines suffered the inconvenience.

PIA said that around forty passengers were offloaded as a result of this incident hurriedly. The spokesman for the airline further communicated that all the passengers are safe as a result of this misunderstanding.


Although PIA cleared the blames on this airline in the past, but they have been facing continuous criticism. PIA further said that they strictly tell passengers to follow the instructions because this incident has resulted in an inconvenience of hundreds of passengers.

A passenger tweeted about the pathetic services from the PIA. She complained about the delay in the flight PK702. Moreover, she also exposed the real face of PIA by saying that her luggage is still at Manchester airport and they have suffered a lot. She was disappointed by the PIA services and tagged PIA on Twitter asking for justification in this regard.

Sources further shed light on the safety issues that plane landed on the runway and airbag chute opened at once and there was no threat of any kind to the passengers or to the plane. PIA sources states that all the passengers are safe after the emergency exit opened mistakenly.

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