Phantom Sensation: Mystery Behind Brain Process Touch

Phantom sensations are some sort of sensations that you might feel usually!! Have you ever feel that someone had touched left arm but actually it’s not like that…in fact, they had touched your right one? Point to ponder….! Scientists called this type of phenomenon as PHANTOM SENSATIONS and this may help us find how our brain processes touch.



Tactile hallucinations are those which include abnormal sensations of touch or observation of movement on our skin or inside the body. Moreover, this is basically related to some mental conditions or psychological conditions that affect our brain.

Actually many people are not correctly aware of these sensations. Researchers in Hamburg and New York University declares this about people. Researchers are still confused that why this phenomenon occurs and what the Mystery behind this.

The expert researchers used stimulators to produces touch sensations in different body parts and they asked participants to report. In all cases, the phantom sensation occurred.

How Brain Process Touch?

The attributed location of bit on the body depends on ‘maps’ of the body.
“We show that phantom sensations rely on 3 characteristics. The foremost vital is that the identity of the limb — whether or not we’re handling a hand or a foot. This is often why slightly, on one hand, is often perceived on the opposite hand,”


An individual would possibly assume they sense bit in their hand once, in fact, the bit occurred on their right foot.

Suppose, you have positioned your left hand on the right foot. If you touch your left hand, your brain will misinterprets the touch either on the right foot or any other part of your body which is not even connected to that touch.
For example, if an individual crosses their arms or legs, positioning the right-side limb on the left of the body, they could erroneously sense slightly on their right arm as touch on their left foot.


“When elements of the body are positioned on the opposite aspect of the body than they typically are as an example, once crossing your legs the 2 coordinate systems get conflict.” 

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