PepsiCo, New CEO Strategy gave an Uplift to Sales

PepsiCo, new CEO added an effort in the marketing and advertising to boost the sales and profit and in turn beat the wall street on Wednesday. The beverage makers have been increasing its sales through advertisement of snacks, sparkling water and other low sugar drinks like sodas. This boost in the sales happened when six months ago, the new pepsi ceo name “Ramon Laguarta” took over the position from Indra Nooyi. Pepsico strategy has been revised by new CEO and it looks that pepsico strategy has been successfully implemented .

PepsiCo Shares

The company disclosed the fact that their sales increases at a faster pace than ever this time. This results in the record hit of shares of PepsiCo by $125.92. This is quite impressive as the new pepsi ceo emphasized on focusing more on the health issues regarding snacks and beverages. Under his supervision, this company has spent more to raise the production capacity and healthier snacks.

This change in the plan is to move more towards the customer preferences in terms of the right mix of the product. This rise in the sales has helped Pepsi to cope with the issues like high transportation cost and labor cost.

Pepsi Company is working more on modifying the recipe and ingredients according to the health conscious customers. Moreover, a new flavor of Cheetos has been introduced in the market along with the sparkling water in blackberry and peach flavor.

The Chief Financial Officer of PepsiCo named “Hugh Johnston” elaborated in this regard that the spending in this perspective has risen to 11% due to high demand of Pepsi Products. He further said that this new advertising campaign and promoting healthier products has worked the best for PepsiCo. This is much encouraging element of this company.

Sales Uplift

The major revenue has been generated from Pepsi Sodas, Diet Pepsi and Zero Sugar Pepsi up to 3% in North America beverage units. Organic sales of Pepsi have risen to 5.2% despite the currency fluctuations. Well, for the year PepsiCo has maintained the revenue by 4% and earnings to $5.5 per share for the year.

The CEO of Altman Advisors named “Benjamin Altman” who has recently purchased shares of PepsiCo said that PepsiCo can generate more revenue from this new strategy by spending more on its brand.

Moreover, if we look at the analyst’s estimates, then PepsiCo has earned 97% per share and revenue of $12.88 billion in comparison to 92% per share and $12.7 billion revenue that was expected.

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