Partnership of Toyota and Suzuki to make compact cars


Toyota and Suzuki are all set to undergo a partnership to make compact cars in the fast-growing automobile industry segment. This agreement initially came up in 2017 between these two giant automobiles. In 2018, both of these biggest automobile companies cross-collaborated by manufacturing each other cars at ultra-high efficiency. They have now jointly planned to make compact and electric cars and other automobiles in order to accelerate further.

This union of Toyota and Suzuki shows that they have come up with the greatest technological minds and tools to compete against global leaders. Competition has risen up to the level of highest sophistication in this world of technology.  This partnership of automobile companies Toyota and Suzuki aims at focusing the areas of technologies related to information, safety, environment and supply of other products.


The aim behind Toyota and Suzuki collaboration

Toyota and Suzuki have now decided to work together in the field of manufacturing compact cars. In this way, the strengths and technologies of both automobile companies will unite. So, this union of Toyota and Suzuki will help in the electrification and popularization of compact vehicles. Moreover, this partnership includes that Toyota will manufacture hybrids in Europe which includes Corolla and RAV4 SUV for Suzuki. While Suzuki will be providing the Toyota with the petrol engines of a compact vehicle. Hence, this union has combined the efforts and strengths of both carmakers.

Market Access

Toyota is investing a huge amount in this automobile business of hybrid technology while Suzuki has made its own image in the compact car world. In India and Pakistan, both Toyota and Suzuki are highly dominated in the compact vehicle/automobile industry. These two carmakers have decided to expand their business throughout the whole market. Through this union, Suzuki will be producing Baleno, Brezza, Ertiga, Ciaz, and Vitara for Toyota. After rebranding of these automobiles, they will be introduced in Africa as Toyota model cars.
The interesting thing is that Toyota and Suzuki are highly competitive in the same market. Hence, through the collaboration of these two automobile industries, chances to achieve sustainability in the future will be high.





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