PANASONIC LUMIX S1 Review: The Mirrorless Camera

Panasonic has announced first camera for a new ecosystem of lenses contains mirrorless cameras. A great and astonishing invention. It is PANASONIC LUMIX S1 and higher resolution LIMUX SIR. Panasonic lumix s1 review is below .

Panasonic, Mirrorless Camera LUMIX S1

Panasonic established its system more dedicated and effective than others. 24 megapixel Lumix S1 which is paired with Panasonic’s versatile and efficient 24 to 105mm F/4 Mount lenses. It costs $3,400. It has classic weight and size just like DSLR pro shooter.

This is a mirrorless camera with versatile qualities and we can have pure quality photos.

In actuality, there are basically two big things that explain the LIMUX S1 size and weight.

Firstly, Panasonic provides them in body image stabilization (IBIS). The advantage of (IBIS) is that it shifts the sensor inside the camera. In order to manage the shakiness from the photographer‘s hands. If sensors are larger than more powerful motors are required to move it. IBIS is a non-trivial matter.

Nikon’s Z6 and Z7 and Sony’s A7 III have this IBIS,but Canon’s EOS R does not have this feature. Panasonic is very well known because it has IBIS in Micro Four Third cameras. They are more popular for their high and pure quality videos.

The 24 to 105mm lens contains optical image stabilization (OIS). It works in synchronization with IBIS and gives two different safety values.

The flexibility of size and weight that Lumix S1 provides makes it different from others. And also it helps to slow the shutter speed down to capture perfectly some dark mode scenes.

The design of Lumix S1 is so perfect and also a unique feature of it. Lumix S1 is rigid, thick and strong that assures its long term durability.

Though Panasonic Lumix S1 has some good stuff and bad stuff Too:


  • It has Outstanding and pure image quality and sharpness.
  • In body Image stabilization with optical Image stabilization (OIS) in the lens make anyone a stable shooter.
  • It also has USB-C, touch screen, and fast EVF make smartphone users feel at home.


It also has some bad stuff:

  • It is really, really rough.
  • Its control scheme is not as much natural as Nikon’s.
  • Sony’s A7 III and Nikon’s Z6 deal with better value.

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