PakvsInd: Pakistani Trolls Won the Internet

PakvsInd was the biggest match in the world cup 2019 for the two not so friendly neighbors. It was the highlight of the world cup 2019 for us. Sadly, Sarfaraz eleven followed the tradition, and we lost, again! But that stirred a new wave of memes all over the internet and God, thatโ€™s exactly what the nation needed. Have a look at Pakistani trolls at least who are at their best!

PakvsInd Troll

If we had to choose one meme that summarizes yesterday:

Ever since the world cup started, advertisements, memes and what not started circulating. Regardless of having a record of losing against India, the nation had high hopes. We believed Sarfaraz dhoka Nahi dey ga.

-Pakistani Trolls at their best


The Pakistani team is the only one backed by maon behno ki Duayen:

And the situation we can all relate to, when Ammi is totally disappointed in you:

pakistani trollsAnd this guy who Loves Cricket Bit too much:

We all know at least one the die-hard cricket fan who stay glued to their TV screen other than the namaz breaks to pray for the team. And their disappointment when the team doesnโ€™t deliver and that happens like 70 percent of the time.

We feel you man, we have all been to this stage at least internally,


And Sarfarazโ€™s mighty yawn at the face of our concern:Pakistani Trolls

Even the Skipper was quite bored with during the Pak vs Ind match, maybe he was thinking he should have partied more last night.

Which brings back memories of โ€œKoi Sharam hoti hy koi haya hoti hyโ€:

Seriously!! Look at the fitness level of the two captains.

What we expect from them and what they deliver:

Disappointment at its peak.


Even the Prime Minister called them railu kattas, whatever that means.

And this brings us to the burning question what were they doing up so late before such an important match, was it, Sania Mirza???

Time for England Team to Die:

Pakistani Trolls

And we donโ€™t really care that much about the match, lets Rub Abhi Nandan in the face of India


If our feelings had a face:

Pakistani team has taken advantage of this song way too much:

But Pakistani Trolls totally Nailed it yesterday:

At least we won somewhere!

Pakistani Trolls


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