Pakistani Wedding Traditions And Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Pakistani Wedding Traditions

Pakistani wedding traditions are appreciated all around the world. No matter which country the Pakistani’s live in, their wedding customs do not alter. Despite their country of residence, the couple and their families prefer to wear Pakistani wedding dresses and Pakistani wedding jewelry. Even the Pakistani wedding cards have an extra-ness to them. Asian weddings are all about that glam and enjoyment.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s an absolute waste of money, the ceremony has got to look like an Indian movie or so. Nevertheless, even if people aren’t spending too much for a luxurious wedding. The customs are still followed religiously by most.

Weddings in Pakistan

A Pakistani wedding can go on for about a week or more. Moreover, what we can’t miss is the fact that we have adopted several customs from other cultures. Pakistan wedding dresses and Pakistani wedding jewelry are a hot topic in families. And the distribution of Pakistani wedding cards by separately reaching out to the guests is also an important event.

However, these wedding customs and traditions are in contrast to the religious aspect of marriage ceremonies. Let’s dive deeper into this and find out the mystery behind such customs.

pakistani wedding traditions

The Mystery Behind The Traditions

Let’s talk about the mystery behind the customs that aren’t really encouraged by the religion Islam. 98% of the Pakistani population consists of Muslims. Then how come Pakistani wedding traditions don’t portray the same?
As a matter of fact, Pakistan was previously a part of India.
In particular, the Muslims being a minority were obviously more influenced by Hindu culture.

pakistani wedding dresses

A normal Muslim Pakistani being would just consist of a Nikkah ceremony. Declaring the couple as husband and wife. The rest is just a mixture of different cultures, most dominant, the Indian culture. Apart from this, let’s briefly talk about what a Pakistani wedding these days usually looks like. 

pakistani wedding dresses, nikkah


The nikkah ceremony is basically the actual Muslim wedding ceremony. A Pakistani wedding card or a simple word of mouth for invitation works. The paperwork that takes place to legally declare the couple as lawful husband and wife.
Especially it’s the start of the couples’ lives as spouses. The “Qubool Hai”, and the signature on the Nikkahnama (wedding papers) is the basic Muslim wedding. 

The Nikkah is either done on the day of the Baraat or prior to that. When the Nikkah happens depends on the couple and the family. Most people have their Nikkah ceremony a year prior to the actual wedding and Rukhsati.


The Bridal Shower: 

In recent years the concept of having a bridal shower has become a prominent part of Pakistani wedding traditions. A bridal shower is an occasion where the bride’s family and friends gather to shower her with prayers, good wishes, and gifts. However, this has been adopted by the United States and Canada. It isn’t particularly a common culture yet, but it’s gradually growing its roots. pakistani wedding, bachelors party, bachelorette party, stag night


Bachelor’s/Bachelorette Party: 

Similarly, the Bachelor/Bachelorette Party is an inspiration from the American culture. This is a party held a few days prior to the wedding or a day before the wedding. Basically, to celebrate the end of the grooms’/brides’ single life and individual freedom. 

wedding, shaadi, dholki, pakistani traditions


This is a very common Pakistani wedding tradition. Usually, there are no Pakistani wedding cards distributed for this event. This can go on for a couple of days before the actual wedding.
On this occasion, the friends and family of the bride/groom gather to sing and dance. A percussion instrument, the Dholki is the basic idea. Everyone sings and dances concurrently to the beat of the instrument. 

shaadi, mehndi, dance, pakistani wedding cards


This is the most hyped event of a Pakistani wedding. People show up in bright dresses, jewelry, and rejoice. However, on this day mainly the cousins and friends perform group and solo dances. Mehndi is the main function of the entire wedding.

mehndi, dholki, pakistan, shaadi, dance

The bride and groom sit on a fancy sofa, laden with flowers. The guests come up to them one by one, make them eat a piece of sweet (commonly mithai, now sometimes replaced by preserved fruits and Skittles).
Then they apply mehndi on their hands and oil on their hair. Different cultural backgrounds in Pakistan might perform several other things as well. 

baraat, bride, groom, shaadi


This is a really special occasion in the Pakistani wedding traditions. Particularly, for both the families of the bride and the groom. The Pakistani wedding dresses and the Pakistani wedding jewelry for this occasion are quite extra and mostly they’re heavily jeweled.
The groom will be taking away his bride to their new home. The bride, on the other hand, will be leaving her parents’ house and moving on to a new place to start a new life.

baraat, bride, groom, nikkah

This is the start of their family life as they will be settling in together. It’s a wonderful occasion, a mix of both sadness and joy in the same place. The brides’ family is happy to see their little princess commencing her own life with her husband. However, it’s saddening to see her depart. The grooms’ family is happy that their son will finally begin his new life with his spouse. 

baraat, bride, groom, pakistani wedding traditions, rukhsaati, nikkah


Both families are overwhelmed with emotions. They’re delighted for the addition of a new family member. However, Rukhsaati is quite an emotional one of the Pakistani wedding traditions. The family of the bride sends her off to her new home.
Everyone is shedding tears of joy and sadness.
After the couple drives to their new house, they’re welcomed with flowers. The new family cheers up the bride and continue more traditional customs.

walima, shaadi, baraat, nikkah, mehndi, groom, bride

Most people will hide a ring in a pot of milk and ask for the bride and groom to find it. Whoever finds it first, wins!
Moreover, in another tradition, the younger brother of the groom will either sit on the lap of the bride or hold her knee. She will then give him some pocket money since he will also become her baby brother now. 


This wedding tradition is a Sunnah. The Walima is basically a way of publicly announcing your marriage. Walima is quite a formal and enjoyable event. If you want to keep your wedding simple, you can have your Nikkah and then the Walima.

shaadi, baraat, walima, nikkah, couple, romantic, wedding, marriage, groom, bride


Some couples choose Pakistani wedding dresses or Pakistani wedding jewelry. Some people tend to wear western inspired wedding gowns and tuxedos.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for a wedding in Pakistani culture?

Pakistani weddings are quite extravagant nowadays. They include the expenses of Pakistani wedding dresses, Pakistani wedding cards, and Pakistani wedding jewelry, along with other expenses. Because Pakistan was a part of the sub-continent, therefore, in Pakistani culture mostly the bride’s side pays for these expenses. However, the groom’s side also shares the burden for many events.

How many days is a Pakistani wedding?

Traditionally, a Pakistani wedding consists of three main events, Mayo, Nikkah/Barat, and Valima, so it can wind up in three days. However, due to the inclusion of many events from other cultures; now a Pakistani wedding can last up to seven days.

How much money do you give at a Pakistani wedding?

There is no fixed amount for this. It depends on the guests and their affordability. Guests can give cash or gifts according to their convenience. Also, it depends on how close the couple and their family is, to the relatives. 

Why do Pakistani brides look down?

Pakistani brides look down to appear modest, shy, and prim. It is considered bad if they laugh or joke around at their wedding because they should represent modesty and shyness.

How many wives can you have in Pakistan?

Muslim males can have four wives at a time because it is allowed in the Islamic faith. 

Why do Pakistani brides cry?

Pakistani brides cry, not because they are sad or does not want to get married. They cry because they are leaving their parents and will have to live with the in-laws from now on. Their whole life is on the verge of a big change, therefore the emotions become overwhelming. 

What do Pakistani brides wear?

Pakistani wedding dresses have plenty of options for the brides. Brides can choose any kind of Pakistani wedding dresses and Pakistani wedding jewelry to go with their style. They can choose lehnga, angrakha, sharara, gharara, farshi pajama, bridal gown, shalwar kameez, or any other style that they like.

Do Pakistani men wear wedding rings?

Pakistani men or even women do not have to wear their wedding rings all the time. They can be married and still choose not to wear a ring, and that would be okay. Pakistani wedding jewelry may include wedding rings, but it is not necessary to wear them.

What is Mayo in Pakistani wedding?

Mayo is one of the events of wedding Pakistani. It is held 1-7 days before the Nikkah ceremony. In this event, people put uptan, which is a paste, on the bride to be. This paste is said to make the skin soft and smell good.

Why do Pakistani brides wear red?

Red is a color that symbolizes love and passion, so red dresses for brides also represent this hope for the newlyweds. That they will live with love and happiness. Although red also symbolizes danger that could be for the quarrels that are part of a healthy marital life.

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