The recent news is, After the so-called surgical strike on Balakot, the Indian Navy deployed their warships and submarines aggressively close to Pakistani waters. That’s when a Pakistani submarine PNS Saad pulled a stunt on them and the Indian Navy went bonkers for 21 days.

So we all know how India blamed Pulwama incident on us, and did not stop there. They went ahead and did a surgical strike on our trees. As an aftermath Indian pilot, Abhinandan enjoyed a flavor of Pakistani hospitality. Now the ever so obsessed India wanted to show their strength in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

India in the Arabian Sea:

The Indian aircraft carriers and warships, aggressively roaming the sea gave Pakistan an impression of a looming war, that could turn nuclear.  The Indian Navy was closely monitoring the movements on the Pakistani side. And they noticed a Pakistani Agosta class submarine  PNS Saad was missing.

PNS Saad is a fast attack, home built Agosta Submarine, powered by the Air-independent propulsion system, this allows a submarine to stay underwater longer than a regular submarine.

What scared them the most was, PNS Saad vanished from a location near Karachi, which was three days away from Gujrat, and it could reach the  Naval headquarters of the Western fleet in Mumbai within five days only, so PNS Saad was causing a major security threat to India.

The Indians went into a Full Fledge search mode:

The situation triggered the Indian Navy to swing into action, They invested all their Naval assets to search for the missing Pakistani submarine.they carried out extensive searches in the waters and increased security near all the possible targets. Indian Navy’s used it’s the latest technology, warships, nuclear Submarine INS Chakra and Scorpene-class submarine INS Kalvari along with satellite input to locate the missing Pakistani Submarine for 21 days.

Here’s the Fun Part:

Guess what all this time, PNS Saad was hiding on the western side of Pakistan. well played Pakistan Navy, pat on back. And India Atleast you got to excercise man.

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