Pakistani Pink Salt Worth Gold is being sold for Peanuts to India

Pakistani Pink Salt, our salt our asset, pink salt

Pakistan has the world’s second largest rock salt reserves in the Salt range, Khwera. The salt obtained from the Khwera Salt mines have a pink tint. And it is one of its kind in the world. Just like the other God gifted resources in Pakistan our policy maker and government failed to make profits out of the Pakistani pink salt. And so #our salt our asset trend was born.

Save our Pink Salt Campaign aims to bring focus to the Poor Export Policy:

The Himalayan pink salt found in our country has 22 trace minerals, it has amazing health benefits and it is a perfect resource for making profits. Due to its numerous qualities, it is very famous in the western world. And it is sold for $5 to $20 per 500-gram bag. Unluckily for us, we are selling this golden commodity in India as a raw material almost free of cost. And they package it beautifully with their name and bagging all the profits.

#Our Salt Our Asset:

Recently, somebody noticed this and made sure to reach out with the campaign on social media #OurSaltOurAsset and Gulabi namak to izzat do (respect our pink salt). Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube came alive with the trend and people started posting facts and figures about the Pakistani pink salt. It’s more precious than petrol.

The idea is to spread awareness and pressure the government to revoke the stupid agreement with India. Also to pressure the government into taking measures to support the local salt industry. Put a ban on the export of raw salt, and Increase direct selling of the refined Pakistani pink salt. Years of brainless policies, lack of managerial skills and especially the lack of ownership on the part of bureaucrats and politicians have led to such trade agreements.

The Social Media trend is Pressurizing the Present PTI Government to Take Immediate action:

Twitter is pushing PM Imran Khan to take action and stop the export of Pakistani pink salt at such ridiculously low cost. They want action taken against the culprits who agreed to the shameful accord with India for the raw salt.

The Pakistani government should take the right steps in order to promote and market Pakistani pink salt in the international market. They should facilitate the Pakistani exporters of Salt, and provide them with the means to better their product. There should be a ban on any country using their name on our salt. And most importantly terminate the export of raw salt to India for pennies.

In a nutshell:

The best course of action is to develop our own industry and increase the direct selling of Pakistani pink salt and its products to the world.

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