Pakistani Model Marvi Accused Zainab Salman For Humiliation

Recently, Pakistani Fashion Model Marvi Shabbir took to the Instagram and Facebook and accused Zainab Salman of mistreating and humiliating her while on a shoot. She posted a video with a caption “Models are not Mannequins”. Marvi Shabbir is a Karachi based model while, Zainab Salman is a Lahore based fashion designer. This is not for the first time pak models are being mistreated , it’s becoming the norm of the industry .

Zainab Salman Designer Mistreated Pakistani Model Marvi Shabbir

Pakistani fashion model Marvi was called by Zainab for a shoot in Lahore at a place that was far away from populated areas. According to Marvi, things went normal, but then Zainab asked her to do more video shoots after editorial shoots. It was 4:30 am and they were not even offered any breakfast, beverages or water. When Marvi said to Zainab Salman that she is going to charge for a shoot and she pointed her out saying “Kar ri ho ke nahi?”. She refused to do video free of charge and Zainab started misbehaving.

Marvi wrote in her status that her experience was inhumane and traumatizing. The designer Zainab responded to her aggressively. She called off the shoot and ordered her team to wrap up. The designer kept saying that “Mujhe isske saath kaam nahi kerna, isse kapre le lo, saath saath raho kuch ker na de kaproon ko, accessories le lo, kuch rakh na le”.

Moreover, when she checked careem, there was no ride for that area. She asked the team or manager for a drop off or payment, but she was humiliated by them instead. They said “you are not going to receive payment as you have no idea how to work and no one charge for a video.”

Marvi added that she was shocked at this behavior of Zainab Salman and her team. She was shivering and asked them to drop her off somewhere safe, where she can grab Careem. Luckily, the videographer and the model were kind enough and dropped her off near LUMS.

She got home somehow and called them back, but they did not bother to reply to her text or pick her calls. She sends her team a message that she is going to expose them, and they transferred her half of her payment.

Marvi further explained that she has been crying since that incident and she hope that people like Zainab Salman are held accountable for her actions one day.

Many people on twitter stood for her and condemned the attitude of Zainab Salman towards pak models.

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