Pakistani Engineers are Producing Electricity One step at a Time

Pakistani engineering students from Iqra University have created a cheap and easy solution to the electricity crisis by energy harvesting. With their mechanism, you can create electricity by walking on special tiles.

Pakistani Engineers are Producing Electricity

The three brilliant engineers Ghalib Nadeem, Hafiz Waleed, and Ali Akbar have named their project Energy Harvesting. They wanted to produce a solution to the ongoing electricity crisis in the country.

They started working on the project two years back. Many other countries, like China, Russia, the United Kingdom has experimented with this idea, but it is the first time somebody has done this in Pakistan.

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The tiles convert kinetic energy into electrical energy when they are stepped on, they are made of wood, glass and artificial grass. The electricity, thus produced, can be stored and used for powering appliances.

One of the engineers involved with the project, Nadeem claimed if the areas of 300 meters the tiles can produce enough electricity to charge 7 to 8 UPS batteries for 2 hours.

The Pakistani Engineers used only local materials to manufacture the whole mechanism, to keep the cost minimum. The environment-friendly tiles are low cost and don’t require any maintenance once installed. Therefore, after the initial cost of installing the mechanism, it is virtually free.

Nadeem from Iqra University estimated the initial cost of installation of the energy harvesting mechanism, to be around Rs125, 000. And that’s just a one-time investment you can enjoy the free electricity for an infinite number of years.

The tiles are durable and can be used in parks, walking tracks, bazaars, and shopping malls, etc. To generate hundreds of watts of clean electricity. This will eventually help with the terrible electricity shortfall in the country.

The young engineers are negotiating with some interested investors to practically implement the technology in Pakistan.

We hope this works, and these brilliant minds get the recognition and support they need to use their given talents.



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