Pakistani Dramas Online 2020: List of Iconic Serials

Pakistani dramas 2020 & 2019 are iconic and their colossal strides over the past five years raised the bar for innovation, quality writing, and realism. With the influx of Indian channels, the Pakistani viewers find it difficult to watch Pakistani dramas Online and have been spoilt for choice. Pakistani Dramas Hum Tv & Ary Network are very prominent Channels for Best Dramas. Dramas like Alif, Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb, and Meray Paas Tum Ho are getting more attention out of all dramas 2020.

Out of ten Pakistani dramas online, they found only one or two worth watching. There was a time when the only PTV broadcast was seen by the Pakistani people, but now there are other channels too, but only a few left their mark on the viewer’s minds.

No, we aren’t talking about dramas based on full of saas/bahu masala”, but our dramas are based on reality and cover topics that all of us are influenced by. If you are a fan of impactful Pakistani dramas and finding it hard to figure out which serial is worth watching, we have eased your problem by sorting out the list of Pakistani dramas that have a great script, packed with powerful performances and good direction.

Well, the list wasn’t easy to compile based on “hit of the season.” The ones that reach up to the Top 10 list of Pakistani dramas of 2020 have certain things in common: iconic characters, repeat value, a coherent story, and a strong direction. However, the common denominator was that these dramas were all rock-solid entertainment, the show audiences have been waiting for since long.

From historical serials like Humsafar and Aangan, we’ve got a lot to expect this year and so on. In this blog, we have compiled a list of top Pakistani dramas of 2020 to must watch out.

Pakistani Dramas 2020 

Pakistani dramas online 2019 & 2020 includes Cheekh, Alif, Meray Paas Tum Ho, Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb, Ehd-e-Wafa, etc. These Pakistani dramas online have provided entertainment throughout the year 2020. People have loved these versatile serials and they love to watch these Pakistani dramas online like Do Bol. Recently Meray Paas Tum Ho and Alif have been trending and getting a high rating.


serials 2019

Known for the best versatile actress of Pakistani television, the serial star Saba Qamar and actor Bilal Abbas Khan as a lead role. “Cheekh” is a crime-drama television series produced by Dr. Ali Kazmi and Fahad Mustafa under a production house named Big Bang Entertainment. Apart from featuring the two best actors, this drama features Azekah Daniel, Emmad Irfani, Maira Khan, and Aijaz Aslam. The serial is oriented towards women’s issues.

This tragic story hit our minds and heart of how the concept of modesty can be used against a woman. The story serves as a reminder of past events that have happened in reality in our society. Anyone watching this drama will be reminded of those events. Began on ARY Digital and airs on Saturday, so far the serial has proved to be the biggest hit of 2020- the milestones of Pakistani television.


Kaisa Hai Naseeban

Meray Paas Tum Ho

This drama set in Malaysia and Pakistan, directed by Ahmed Bhatti and produced by Abdullah Seja under Dreams Entertainment, looks at the issue of domestic violence. The drama cast Ramsha Khan and Muneeb Butt as the lead roles. This drama focuses on general arranged marriage trends, marital abuse prevailing in the country, and rituals of the dowry system. Kaisa Hai Naseeban is among the top Pakistani dramas Online series of 2020.

Alif (Spiritual Story)

Alif | OST Best Scene | Hamza Ali Abbasi | Sajal ALi |


Alif is Pakistani drama best series created by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz under their newly formed ‘Epic Entertainment’ production house. The drama is directed by Haseeb Hassan and written by Umera Ahmad.

It casts Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi in lead roles. The story revolves around Hamza Ali Abbasi, who acts as a Pakistani filmmaker and what hurdles he faces during his journey for the sake of Allah.

Epic Entertainment presents a drama serial “Alif”, a novel written by Umera Ahmed and directed by Haseeb Hassan. Its leading characters include Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Aly, Kubra Khan, and Ahsan Khan. Alif is a serial that revolves around a famous filmmaker Hamza Ali Abbasi as Qalb-e-Momin. Qalb-e-Momin belongs to a family of calligraphy.

On the other hand, the Kubra Khan is acting as a Husan-e-jahan and mother of Qalb-e-momin. Sajal Aly is Momina Sultan, a struggling actress with a disturbing past. The journey of Qalb-e-momin towards the right path of Almighty Allah along with his past related to his mother and father flashes through every episode.

Due to his past beliefs, Qalb-e-momin bond with God has been at its weakest point. However, his grandfather plays an important role in regaining his faith in the Almighty by questioning Qalb-e-Momin’s believes.

Despite losing her brother, Momina Sultan remains determined to pursue her acting career in movies. While Qalb-e-Momin keeps digging for answers regarding spirituality and his relationship with Allah. The journey of Momin is all about re-discovering his root and finding his lost connection with God. On the other hand, the journey of Momina is to maintain her family’s livelihood.

During the Qalb-e-Momin journey, he was left alone and his grandfather and Momina somehow help him to connect with what he is. The negativity created in Momin’s attitude has dragged him near the path, where the glamour and success meet. Momin thinks that he has achieved everything himself and it’s hard for him to understand his roots. Although he has been drifting from the right path, he is not happy with what he owns as well. And he has lost the purpose of his life and the reason for his life in this glamorous world.

The whole drama revolves around the concept of spiritualism and a hunt for the connection with Almighty Allah. We hope that soon the two characters Qalb-e-Momin and Momina Sultan paths cross each other. And the struggles of his grandfather Abdul Alaa and Momina Sultan to help him make peace with the past and memories of his mother will reach to a successful point.

People are loving the serial due to its correct and appropriate description of the relationship with Allah. The dialogues fascinate the viewers and create a spell of spirituality in every episode. So, this drama which you can watch on Geo TV is getting a super high rating as well. Alif is a serial based on a different topic other than a routine romance serial or Saas Bahu masala. In a nutshell, everyone is looking forward to exploring more things in the story orbiting around the life of Qalb-e-Momin, mother Husan-e-Jahan, and his father Ahsan Khan as Taha Abdul Alaa.



Meray Paas Tum Ho, pakistani drama hum tv

Aangan is a Pakistani period drama created by Momina Duraid Productions. This historical drama is directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin which looks at the struggles and the dilemma of heartbreak at the time of partition of the subcontinent. The cast includes Sajal Ali, Ehsan Khan, Mawra Hocane, Sonia Hussain, and Ahad Raza Mir.


DeedanMeray Paas Tum Ho

Deedan is a Pakistani drama written by Attiya Dawood. It stars Mohib Mirza alongside Sanam Saeed in lead roles. The serial is directed by Amin Iqbal, who highlights the issues that arise due to a mismatch between cultures and traditions which one faces when moves to a new country. Deedan, like other most popular A-plus serials, too aims to bring forth this major social issue.




 Do Bol

Do Bol Official OST | Nabeel Shaukat & Aima Baig | ARY Digital

Do Bol is Pakistani romantic drama television series of ARY Digital network that premiered on March 5, 2019. It is written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain. The drama stars Hira Mani and Affan Waheed as lead roles and is among the top list of Pakistani drama 2020. The story is about two individuals who are from different backgrounds and later became victims of their circumstances. The girl belongs to a wealthy family, whereas, the boy is an ordinary, middle-class guy. Somehow they got married to each other in poor circumstances.

Some dramas are so pure that they outshine the real face of society and everything else going around. The start of 2020 Pakistani dramas Online best series brings us new pairings, and we are looking forward to less depressing storylines and lots of entertainment in the upcoming months.

The stories of the above serials took on some tough subjects like acceptance of materialism or lack of empathy for others that can only be described in this modern world. While the new year brings us a handful of drama and romance and great jori appearances, so far, it appears that all been covered. Did you get it? Do share your views about the above list of Pakistani dramas online 2020, and add new names to Pakistani best serial.

Best Pakistani dramas hum tv which was not mentioned in the above list are Sunno Chanda, Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is one of the iconic Pakistani Dramas hum Tv.


Meray Paas Tum Ho

Meray Paas Tum Ho OST | Humayun Saeed | Ayeza Khan | ARY Digital

Meray Paas Tum Ho is a romantic drama produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib and directed by Nadeem Baig and Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. The story of Meray Paas Tum Ho revolves around the character Humayun Saeed as Danish, his wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan), and their son Roomi.

The story revolves around three major family characters, but it gets complicated with the involvement of greed for money. Danish was a government officer with high moral values. Whereas, his wife wanted to live a high standard of life. Apart, from the fact that Danish and Mehwish got married, as they were head over heels in love, Mehwish kept coming with more wishes.

Adnan Siddiqui as Shehwar Ahmed is a wealthy businessman and family friend of Mehwish’s friend Anushey. The moment Shehwar meet Mehwish, things get messy as he keeps on flattering her and avail every chance to praise her beauty.

Since Mehwish has high hopes with her husband and while shopping with her friend Anushey, she bought an expensive necklace after borrowing money from her. Danish started taking bribes because of his wife’s unfulfilled and extravagant desires. Moreover, Danish bought the same necklace for her unknowingly and felt sad that her wife doesn’t even bother about their financial situations.

Anyhow, one thing leads to another, and Mehwish was offered a job by Shehwar in his office. Mehwish who was gifted with an expensive necklace from him, followed by praises get inspired by the charisma of his wealth. Due to Shehwar ill intentions, Mehwish ended up going on a business trip with him to Islamabad without telling her husband. Throughout the meetings with Mehwish, Shehwar kept on influencing her mind with the idea that Danish is not meant for her and she deserved better. When Danish came to know about their arrival at the airport after a day, he found her talking happily with Shehwar.

After everything, the wealthy Shehwar gets successful in insisting Mehwish leave her husband and her relationship with Danish is over. They got divorced and Mehwish started living with Danish. The serial taking a turn with inspiring dialogues between Danish and son, Roomi. Moreover, the change in the attitude of the high moral Danish towards his dysfunctional life, making us wonder what he will do next. Whether he will choose to marry Hania or the bond with his ex-wife Mehwish goes back on track? Viewers are obsessed with the serial and waiting to know the ending of this drama serial.

Fast forward to the latest episode, where Danish has become a businessman and he has upgraded his lifestyle. On the other hand, Meray Paas Tum Ho unwinds more things through the entry of Shehwar’s wife on the day he was planning to marry Mehwish. All the wishes of Mehwish shattered in a moment and she felt guilty for leaving Danish.

Mehwish has never looked back when she left Danish, but Danish has gathered himself well. While Mehwish has been asking for forgiveness after Shehwar’s wife Maham turned the tables. Everyone loved the Meray Paas Tum Ho dialogues beautifully written and picturized. Moreover, they have explained the importance of Nikkah in Meray Paas Tum Ho and strictly condemned betrayal in the relationship of husband and wife. Meray Paas Tum Ho dialogues and OST have become so famous that people use it normally now. We are looking forward to the story to know how the director and producer will add more twists and unwinds the life of Danish, Mehwish, and other characters connected with them.


Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb


Hum TV has another amazing serial co-produced by Momina Duraid and Moomal Shunaid named Ishq Zah-e-Naseeb. A mystery based Pakistani drama Hum TV based on a split personality disorder. Zahid Ahmed portrayed as a split personality man named Sameer. Other characters are Sonya Hussain as Gauhar, Sami Khan as Kashif, and Zarnish Khan as Donia.

Sameer traumatized childhood followed by the death of his father, her mother abandoning him, and being raised by his stepmother put him in a position to develop a split personality. He becomes a wealthy businessman but unfortunately suffered from a double personality, which eventually ends up hurting many people. His stepmother and doctors fear that he may lose himself in choosing between the two personalities Sameer and Sameera.

He was engaged with a girl named Zoya at first, but she died mysteriously. No one knows the reasons and people behind her death, but it has been portrayed that the other character living with Sameer may have killed her.

On the other hand, Gauhar and Kashif were in love and they wanted to get married. However, their paths get isolated due to the involvement of Gauhar’s mischievous cousin, who wanted to marry her and pressurized her family under the weight of the debt to be paid to his family. Anyhow, Gauhar has eventually employed in Sameer’s office for work, and she got married to Sameer.

While the romance between Kashif and Donia has been growing, but the story has been spiced by bringing Sameer and Kashif at one table for business. Yumna Zaidi as Shakra did not enough screen time with few dialogues, but whenever she comes on the screen, she imprinted her mark in every episode. From her expressions to her dialogue delivery, she grabs the attention of viewers and fascinates everyone.

Most importantly, when Sameer becomes Sameera, Zahid Ahmed delivered the split role amazingly. He did justice to his role as Sameera and he doesn’t let her wife Gauhar forget about Shakara’s importance in his life either.

Coming episodes will reveal that whether Sameer will recover from his split personality named Sameera or she will overpower him. Gauhar has been finding truths behind the condition of Sameer and trying to communicate with the other personality living inside him. So, let’s see how the whole story comes to an end and unveils many secrets behind the trauma of Sameer and the reality of his stepmother. And we are loving this new version of Pakistani drama on Hum TV.



Ehd-e-Wafa is a youth base drama serial presented by the Inter-Services Public Relations ISPR and Momina Duraid. Another successful serial on Pakistani dramas produced by Hum TV is a military series, which revolves around four school friends Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali, Osman Khalid Butt, and Wahaj Ali. The story revolves around the lives, friendships, goals, which change over time. You will see them facing challenges and betrayal in their friendships.

With time, they overcome their hardships and move on with their happy lives. Although these four friends’ friendship reaches to an expiry date, they all get busy in their own lives.

Other cast members include Zara Noor Abbas, Alizay Shah, Faraz Shah, Inam Siddiqui, Khalifa Sameer Uddin, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, Mian Wassam Waheed, Ejaz Ahmed Niazi, Agha Muhammad Ali, Azeem Sajjad, Adnan Samad Khan, Naeema Naeem Butt, Anjum Habibi, etc.

People are loving this serial Ehd-e-Wafa and the character star Zara Noor as Rani has added amazing funny elements with her jolly dialogues. She is getting married to Osman Khalid Butt in the drama serial and her acting will make you fall in love with her.

The serial has explained the story of each character beautifully and especially the life of an Army officer. ISPR has presented his Pakistani drama Hum TV serial under Momina Duraid Production, so you will be able to know about PMA life and their success story from Saad and his new friend circle. Although SSG boys have drifted apart from one frame, busy in their journeys.

In recent episodes, Ehd-e-Wafa has provided entertainment along with many messages for life. Well, you will find that most of the characters do not get enough screen time. However, the father-daughter conversation in Dua’s case and son and mother’s meaningful discussion in Saad’s case will make you tune into this drama again.

We are looking forward to more likable messages hidden in the coming episodes of Ehd-e-Wafa as well. Both Saad and Dua shared their situations with their parents instead of a friend or cousin. This point explained how such sensitive situations must be dealt with when it comes to your children. Parents must listen to their children peacefully when they are grown up and face any difficult situation. Dua and Saad decide to pursue their career first and paused their relationships.

On the other hand, couples like Masooma with Shehryar and Malik Shahzain with Rani have added romantic colors in the drama. Moreover, Shariq and Shehryar are shown pursuing their goals in life with the same determination and passion. Let’s see how this drama will show the life of every character in the coming episodes.

Most of the Pakistani drama Hum TV is getting more popularity due to the direction by Momina Duraid. Do you love watching these new dramas 2020 especially Pakistani dramas Hum TV? Let us know about your feedback regarding these new trending dramas 2020 in the comment section below. Pakistani dramas online 2020 have reached a successful point that they are trending across the border as well.



"Ishqiya" [Teaser 2] Hania Amir | Feroze Khan | Ramsha Khan | ARY Digtal

Ishqiya is an ongoing drama on ARY Digital. It premiered on 3rd February 2020 and 17 episodes have been aired up till now. It is produced by Big Bang Entertainment. 

This story is about 2 college students Hamna (Ramsha Khan) and Hamza (Feroze Khan) who are in love. Hamna belongs to a conservative family and her father (Shabbir Jan) is against love marriages. She is unable to tell her family about her love interest and ends up getting engaged to Azeem (Gohar Rasheed), the son of her father’s friend. When Hamza finds out about this, he gets furious, and to take revenge, he sends a proposal for Hamna’s younger sister Rumi (Hania Aamir). 

Hamna finds herself stuck in this situation but cannot utter a word as it would destroy her life as well as her sister’s life, and not to forget the disappointment and worry it would cause to her already an ailing father. Hamza uses this opportunity to blackmail her and Hamna is forced to listen to him, having no way out. 

The drama airs every Monday at 8 pm on ARY Digital and is also available on YouTube. 



Jhooti Teaser 1 | Coming Soon | ARY Digital Drama

Jhooti is a drama on ARY Digital, premiered on 1st February 2020 and 19 episodes have been aired as of now. It has been directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi. 

It is a story about a young girl Nirma (Iqra Aziz) who belongs to a middle-class family, but her life desires to get rich. For this purpose, she listens to the advice of her friend Samina (Iman Zaidi) and gets married to Nasir (Ahmad Ali Butt). Soon after her marriage, she finds out that it is difficult to attain the wealth she had dreamed of and tries different ways to end her marriage. 

She plays the role of a habitual liar, who lies on every occasion to get things done according to her will, and never gets caught. While her family is a bit skeptical about her behavior, her father carries out her biddings without any question. 

How much more will Nirma lie to have her way with things? Jhooti airs every Saturday at 8 pm on ARY Digital. 



Ruswai OST 🎵Singer: Ali Tariq | ARY Digital Drama

Ruswai is a completed drama that aired on ARY Digital. It consists of 29 episodes and the last episode was aired on 14th April 2020. It is a crime story and is produced by Six Sigma Plus. 

As the name states, this drama is about honor. The story is about a young doctor Sameera (Sana Javed). She is in love with Salman (Mikaal Zulfiqar) who is a pilot. They both intend to marry each other but Salman’s mother thinks that her son deserves someone better. Sameera’s older brother Hamza gets married to Salman’s sister, Wardah and eventually, his mother agrees and they both get married as well. 

One night, while Sameera is out for dinner with her father, brother, and Wardah, they are attacked by a group of boys. The father tries to save his daughter and daughter-in-law, but in the end, he let’s go of Sameera’s hand to save Wardah. The boys kidnap the daughter, in front of the father’s eyes while he protects his daughter-in-law. 

This drama is about the decisions people have to make because of what society might say about them. It’s about how a girl is treated, even though she’s not at fault.

Although Ruswai has come to an end, you can still find this Pakistani drama online on YouTube. 



Khaas completed its last episode on Hum TV on 23rd October 2019. It has a total of 27 episodes and was produced by MD Productions by Momina Duraid. It’s one of the best Pakistani dramas of hum tv.

The story of Khaas is about Saba (Sanam Baloch) who is a jolly girl, whose focus is on building her career. She gets a proposal from Ammar (Ali Rehman Khan) and is married off to him because apparently, he’s the perfect man – rich and handsome. Before getting married, Ammar woos her with his charismatic personality and caring behavior. She falls for him and starts imagining a beautiful life as his wife. 

Soon after getting married, Ammar reveals his true face to her. She realizes that he is not at all like the person he pretends to be. He has a narcissistic personality. He never let’s go of a chance to belittle her. In the Drama, He keeps telling her that she’s not good enough for him. 

This story is about everything a girl has to do to save her marriage. The insults and the disrespect she has to suffer in the hands of her husband.


Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi

Ranjha Ranjha Kerdi was aired on Hum TV in 2019. Produced by MD Productions, this romantic comedy-drama has a total of 31 episodes. It’s one of the finest Pakistani dramas produced by hum tv.

This story of this drama is a bit different from the usual plots. It’s about a girl Noori (Iqra Aziz) who was born in a poor family. Her parents used to pick garbage for a living. She decided to move to the city, to live a better life. She starts working in a factory, where she becomes acquainted with Sahir (Syed Jibran) and Bhola (Imran Ashraf). Noori falls in love with Sahir, while Bhola develops feelings for her, creating a love triangle. 

Soon it is clear that Sahir was just playing with her feelings as he abandons her and flees to another city. Due to certain circumstances, she gets married to Bhola. He is a mentally challenged person with childlike behavior. She despises him at first but later falls for his innocence. 

The plot of this drama reveals to us the challenges faced by a girl when she steps out of the house to earn money. How people try to take advantage of someone in a sticky situation and how true love can conquer even the coldest of hearts. Ranjha Ranjha Kardi is one of the successful Pakistani dramas online.


Pyar Ke Sadqay

Pyar Ke Sadqay | Episode 20 | Promo | Digitally Presented By Mezan | HUM TV | Drama

Pyar Ke Sadqay is an ongoing romantic comedy-drama on Hum TV. It premiered on 23rd January and 18 episodes have been aired up till now. It is produced by Moomal Productions. 

The plot revolves around the lives of Mahjabeen (Yumna Zaidi) and Abdullah (Bilal Abbas). Coming from different backgrounds, they both end up getting married when Mahjabeen’s fiance doesn’t show up on the wedding day and flees with another girl. Abdullah decides to marry her out of pity. 

How the whole family takes this situation is what makes up the whole story of this drama. 

Pyar Ke Sadqay airs every Thursday at 8 pm on Hum TV & its one of the best Pakistani dramas on hum tv.



Ghalati Episode 25 | Presented by Ariel | Teaser | ARY Digital Drama |

Ghalati is an ongoing drama, which airs on ARY Digital every Thursday at 8 pm. It has been produced by Six Sigma Plus. 

This drama shows us the love story of Zaira (Hira Mani) and Saad (Affan Waheed). They are cousins, engaged since childhood. As they grow up, Zaira is head over heels in love with him and would do anything to make him happy. Saad, on the other hand, is playing the role of a typical man. He loves his wife but due to his anger management issues, he threatens her with divorce whenever they argue. His short temper is affecting their marriage big time as Zaira finds it hard to forgive him every time. 

The drama gained popularity even before it was aired due to the famed couple from Do Bol. You can watch this Pakistani drama online on youtube.


Yeh Dil Mera

Yeh Dil Mera is a romantic thriller which airs on Hum TV, every Wednesday at 8 pm. It is produced by MD Productions. 

The plot of this drama is different from the usual husband-wife – in-laws theme that we see most of the time. It’s about Mir Farooq (Adnan Siddiqui) who murders the parents of Amanullah (Ahad Raza Mir). When Amanullah grows up, he decides to take revenge by marrying Mir Farooq’s daughter Aina (Sajjal Ali). Later on, he starts falling for Aina in real and realizes that she’s the victim in this whole situation, as her mother was also killed by her father, in her childhood. 

This drama focuses on the lengths a person can go to hide his heinous acts. How human life has become so worthless, that it can be ended without a second thought. 

So far 30 episodes have been aired and each episode unravels the mysterious past of the lead characters. 



Yaariyan - EP 25 Teaser - 20th September 2019 - HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

Yariyan aired on Geo TV in 2019. It is produced by Dramaybaaz Entertainment and has a total of 27 episodes. 

The plot of this drama is a bit confusing but has a happy ending. It’s about 2 sisters Sadia (Momal Sheikh) and Zubia (Ayeza Khan). Sadia is engaged to Ahmer (Junaid Khan) while Zubia is in love with Umair (Muneeb Butt). The girls’ father Hamid (Mehmood Aslam) is quite conservative. 

Ahmer and Hamid walk in on the girls having a meeting with Umair. Zubia, to save herself from disgrace, accuses Sadia of having an affair with Umair. As a result, Ahmer breaks up with Sadia. Hamid is disappointed with his elder daughter and forcefully gets her married to Umair. 

We learn how a simple lie can ruin the life of someone, also destroying the peace of everyone else connected to them. Yariyan is one of the Best Pakistani dramas online.



Bulbulay Season 2 Episode 55  | EID Day 2 Special | Promo | ARY DIGITAL

 I guess we’ve had enough of sad and depressing dramas, where everyone is plotting and planning against each other. It’s time to lighten up your mood. 

If you’re in for a laugh, Bulbulay is the drama for you. It’s a family sitcom that airs on ARY Digital every evening at 6:30 pm. It is produced by Nabeel who also plays one of the lead characters in the play. 

This drama is about a regular Pakistani family, consisting of 6 members. The cast includes Momo (Hina Dilpazeer), her 2nd husband Mehmood (Mehmood Aslam), her son Nabeel (Nabeel), and his wife Khoobsurat (Ayesha Omer). In the later episodes, they introduced Sona and Chandi, as the kids of both the couples. 

Each episode is based on an everyday situation faced by the family and how they react to it. It gained immense popularity because of Momo’s character. There are other characters too, which show up from time to time. Bulbulay is one of the most viewed Pakistani dramas online.

So far, it has completed one season and the 2nd season is airing nowadays. 

I hope you like our efforts in putting up this article about Pakistani dramas online, which you can watch on youtube easily.

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