Pakistan has offered Turkey with 52 Super Mushak Aircraft which happened under the agreement of Pak-Turk Strategic Economic Framework. According to reports, action plan for Pak-Turk Strategic Economic Framework (SEF) has been approved by the Prime Minister. Under this framework (SEF), Turkey has cooperated with our country at many economic levels.

Pak-Turk Collaboration

In the defence sector, Turkey has cooperated by delivering 30 attack helicopters to Pakistan while in return Pakistan is going to deliver 52 Super Mushak aircraft to Turkey. Sources reveal that Turkish collaboration in defence production with Pakistan includes cooperation in the fields of avionics, IT communications, weapons, ammunition, security vehicles and vessels.
According to further reports Pakistan has also requested Turkey for the manufacturing of four ships for Pakistan Navy. The agreement is that two ships will be constructed in Pakistan while two of them in Turkey.

Whereas, being a member of the EU Customs Union, the cooperation in trade and textile involves the grant of Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) plus to Pakistan by Turkey. In this regard, the other things that have been requested by Pakistan are simplification of procedures of custom. Furthermore, the exchange of electronic data and technical support to Pakistan customs are also requested. There will be elimination of non-tariff barriers from Pakistan in this perspective. Pakistan has further promised the strengthening of cooperation on technical barriers to trade, and early conclusion of a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA).

Strategic Economic Framework (SEF)

Strategic Economic Framework (SEF) action plan of trade and textiles comprises of initiation of Pak-Turk Joint Business Council and installation of textile infrastructure including garment cities in Lahore, Faisalabad and Karachi. This proposal further includes transferring of technology for up-gradation of textile industry, for example: ginning, weaving, dyeing and finishing, joint ventures between textile houses for value-added products.

Other plans include the joint group of Hospitality Council among both countries. This is basically a memorandum between the board of investment and Turkish investment authority. The exchange of information on investment opportunities and for the import of Turkish goods and financing projects the provision of credit-line ($350 million). A trade corridor of Pak-Turk has been established which consists of free flow of goods and services. Moreover, technical cooperation for Pakistan Railways in mechanical, electrical and maintenance areas, joint ventures for export to third country is also in the pipeline.


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