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Pakistan tourist attractions vary from the warm waters of the Indian ocean to the world’s highest peaks of Karakoram. It is a kaleidoscope filled with sights and sounds. A country with a 5000 year old diverse heritage, influenced by traders, warriors and preachers from all over the world. The beautiful places during Pakistan Travel represent harmony, love and peace. Pakistan tour guide information can get from Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation, widely known as PTDC . Pakistan Tour guide can help you get Hotel & Accommodation Packages , Travel Buses and other Arrangements.


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If you are planning to make your vacations memorable, we suggest you visit some of these scenic places with Pakistan Tour Guide , PTDC ,  as they are affordable and amazing.


Pakistan Tourist Travel Attractions

Let’s move from south up and see the beautiful places which are Pakistan Tourist Attractions in 2019:

Gorakh Hill Station

pakistan tourist attractionsSituated in the Dadu district, this hill station is a favorite picnic spot in the summers. It receives snowfall in winters, needless to say the temperature is strikingly different from the rest of the province combined with scenic view, waterfalls, fresh water spring and hiking trails. It is a must visit Pakistan tourist attraction with the Pakistan Tour Guide.

Gawadar Port

beautiful pakistan places ,Pakistan tour guideAnother tourist attraction in Pakistan, Worlds deepest natural sea port Gawadar. The port and C-pack is opening door to various opportunities and development for the residents of Baluchistan and Pakistan. The place is developing rapidly and it is safe to visit.

Hingol National Park

Pakistan tour guideThe largest national park of the Pakistan Hingol national park is spread across the area of 1650 square kilometres along the cost of Makran. This Pakistan tourist attraction is home to many threatened species of invertebrate and animals. You can spot a variety of wildlife during your visit such as marsh Crocodile, sindh leopard, Ibex, Chinkara, schools of plumbeous Dolphins, green turtles, golden eagle and much more.

It is 190Km from Karachi.

Makli Necropolis

Pakistan tour guide ,Thatta an old city of Sindh is home to the world’s oldest necropolis, it is a wonderful tourist attraction in Pakistan for the art and design lovers. The old graveyard has hundreds of beautifully crafted tombs, depicting the life and status of the deceased. That’s Shajahani mosque is another historical tourist attraction.

Moen Jo Daro

pakistan tourist attractions , Pakistan tour guideMoen Jo daro or the mound of dead, are the remains of a 5000 year old civilization. It is situated in Larkana district, Sindh. Around 580 kilometres from Karachi.

Rani Kot

beautiful pakistan places , Pakistan tour guideThe Ranikot or Qila Ranikot is the largest fort in the world with the circumference of 32 KM. It is 90Km from Hyderabad near Sann, Jamshoro. You need to book a 4-wheel jeep to travel to the fort, make sure to use the daylight to visit the fort.

Rohtas Fort

touristAnother breathtakingly magnificent fort in the heart of the of Cholistan, near Jehlum valley, Punjab. It was built by Sher Shah Sori as defence line. Most tourists come here for the architecture and the Jeep rally that takes place every year.

Khewra Salt Mines

beautiful placesWorld’s second largest salt mine is situated in Khewra, Mian Wali, Pakistan. There’s is a mosque and a hospital made with salt. You can get souvenirs made with salt and there’s a lake where you cannot drown. The Himalayan foothills of Kalan Kahar and Namal dam are nearest tourist attractions.


pakistan35 kilometres from Islamabad, lies the heart of 3500 years old Gandhara civilization. Pakistan tourist attraction for history lovers. Spread over the radius of 30 KM around the modern town of Taxila, are the relics of a golden Buddhist era. Including some earliest stupas made for Stupa Puja, Art and sculptures depicting the life of Buddha and the remains of some oldest monasteries in the world.

Naraan Valley

pakistan tourist attractionsNaraan valley is a beautiful package, amazing blue, deep lakes with the mountainous backdrop. Lake Saif-UL-Mulook the 5th most attractive tourist spot of Pakistan, Anso lake, Piyala lake and the thrilling hike to the Lulu Sar top and the scenic views of the Babusar top. Naraan is a perfect hill station with all the daily amenities, nice hotels and tour operators for the whole area.

Katpana Desert

In the Gilgit Baltistan region lies worlds highest cold desert of Katpana, the elevation is 2,226 meters above sea level. The sand dunes are covered with snow for the most part of the year.

White sands, backdrop of snow covered mountains and a clear blue sky, get your perfect clicks and may be camp for a day to enjoy the natural beauty.

Kalash Valley

touristsAlso known as Kafiristan, Kalash valley is a famous tourist attraction in Pakistan due to its distinct culture. A four day festival of Chalam Joshi takes place in the springs and it is must attend event for culture and art lovers other festivals are UChal in summers and Choime in winters.

Neelum Valley

Pakistan tour guideKashmir is the heaven on the earth, the most beautiful place in Pakistan. Neelum valley is perfect for tracking with its lush green forests, towering hills on both sides and scenic views of the turbulent Neelum river.

North Waziristan

pakistan tourist attractionsAs peace is restored in the North Waziristan government is promoting tourism in this beautiful lush green mountainous region. It is a backpacker’s paradise because of the terrain and fair weather


beautiful places , Pakistan tour guideSkardu is the base camp for the mighty karakoram, it is well known among mountaineers of the world. There’s a lot to see and enjoy, the deosai national park, Askol,Tarango, Tarango tower, Tibet, Gasherbrum, broad peak and the K2.

Khunjrab Pass

touristsWorld’s highest border crossing, Khunjarab pass is a favorite tourist spot. It is the gateway between China and Pakistan. The pass has been in use for hundreds of years by the traders of the famous silk route.

Khaplu Fort

pakistanThe beautiful of craftman ship, Khaplu fort in Gilgit Baltistan was built in 1840 as the residence of the raja Khaplu. It is called “Yabgu Khar” in the native language, meaning the fort on the roof. A part of this fort is now transformed into a hotel by Aghakhan cultural center and the rest is a museum.

Passu Cones

pakistan tourist attractionsA paradise for hikers and a tourist attraction in Pakistan for mountain climbers. The photogenic top is called the Passu cathedral or the Passu cones, it stands tall at the height of 6,106 meters.

Mantokha Waterfall

Pakistan tour guidePakistan’s tallest waterfall Mantokha is situated in Baltistan just 1 hour 30 minutes from Skardu. It is a perfect picnic spot. Enjoy the cold fresh mountain water and the natural beauty.

These are 20 beautiful places of Pakistan, Travel to visit in 2019. They are Pakistan Travel Tourist Attractions due to their terrain and culture.



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