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For years, Pakistan’s top priority for their arms was always China. But looking around, Russia is looking around to bash in against the Chinese for the Pakistani’s weaponry through a Multi-Billion Arms Deal.

On April 15, Russian News Agency RIA Novosti reported that Pakistan has shown deep interest in buying Russian’s military equipment and hardware, said, according to Konstantin Makienko, Deputy Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies.

The Deputy Director, Makienko further said that the total invoice of the deal could be a lump sum amount of $9 Billion Dollars.

In the Multi-Billion Arms Deal, Pakistan is most likely to purchase Medium and Heavy Fighter Jets, Air-Defense Systems, helicopters, tanks and warships.

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On the top of Pakistan’s Shopping List, Russian’s fighter jet MIG-35 (One-seater) and a heavy transport Helicopter MT-26T2.

There’s no news of the deal confirmation from any of the country’s media.

Makienko further made comments that depending upon the competition, which just includes China, more odds are in their favor that Pakistan would make the purchase.

Up till now, there are no requests from Pakistan on the point of technology transfer and localization of all the products which are pending.

In the past, China has been an all-rounder supplier of arms and weaponry to Pakistan. From 2008 till 2018, China has supplied arms and weaponries to Pakistan worth of $6.4 Billion.

According to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, United States comes at second on the list with $2.5 Billion and Italy on the third with $471 million worth of weapons and arms.

Other than arms deal, there has been some rumors revolving around that Russia and Pakistan, both are making efforts to enhance their military ties and  a stable boundary of operations on militarian grounds.

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