Pakistan Suzuki is going to launch new car Alto 660cc in a commercial production after the discontinuation of the 800cc Suzuki Mehran. The wait is over and Pakistan Suzuki is going to present its first debut of Alto 660cc in Pakistan Auto Parts Show (PAPS 2019). This show will be held 12th to 14th April in Karachi. This is how the old Mehran has phased out and will be replaced by the 660cc car.

Pakistan Suzuki Alto 660cc Specifications and Price

According to the reports officially Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd (PSMCL) will start the commercial production of 8th Generation 660cc model new car next week. However, some of the vendors explained that the initial assembly of Alto 660cc will comprises about 50% of the local parts and in a few years the production will increase.

Whereas, new Suzuki will be available both in manual and automatic transmission. The price range that has been reported till now is PKR 9.5 lac to PKR 11 lac. The level of uncertainty about the price of this new 660cc Suzuki is high due to the decrease in the value of Pakistani against in US dollars.

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Moreover, Alto 660cc will be available in three variant colors. According to the reports, its top-line model has Auto gearbox. While the manual one have one base model and one higher spec model. Its own enhanced version comprises of power steering/ windows, matching bumpers, alloy rims and cosmetic add-ons. While the automatic transmission will have flagship version.

Mehran phased out with the entry of Alto

In 1989, Suzuki had launched its Mehran in Pakistan and became the famous car of the century. But with the recent discontinuation of Mehran, it’s been revealed that Alto will be the expensive one as most of its auto parts will be imported. During last September, 2018 Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd (PSMCL) had already announced that soon in April, 2019, they will stop manufacturing Mehran VX variant.


Since January, 2018, due to the exchange rate depreciation, prices of cars have up multiple times and Pak Suzuki Motor Company Ltd (PSMCL) aims at achieving highest localization in this regard as well. Many vendors who have a flourishing business in Mehran for 30 years are going to suffer after its discontinuation. According to reports new Alto, Suzuki will be assembled in Pakistan. It has almost 40% of the parts which are produced locally and three of the assembled units have already been sent to Japan for testing and approval.

Well, we are looking forward to the day when new Suzuki Alto 660cc is going to hit the roads in near future.

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