pakistan railways, fiscal year 2019

It has been reported that during the first nine months of the Fiscal year 2019, Pakistan Railways has generated over than Rs. 39 Billion revenue.

The total income generated by the Pakistan Railways in the three quarters of the Fiscal year 2019 was Rs. 3.706 billion higher than the corresponding quarters in the last year, a Ministry of Railways official said while reporting to a news agency, APP.

During the same period in the last financial year, he said that the Pakistan Railways earned 35.304 billion.

The official added that the PTI government took over, ever since, the department faced no loss since August 2018.

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It was only because of the dedicated of the efforts of the competent government and Pakistan Railway employees.

He highlighted the improved status and the financial standings of the Pakistan Railways. He further stated that the PR has started 24 new trains on the same rolling stocks and the same amount of human resource.

His statement further  included that the department has saved up to 1.5 million litres fuel, which was mainly because of the efforts of the train tracking systems.

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He added that the Pakistan Railways owns 460 diesel electric locomotives, and among these, 325 are functional, while the remaining 135 are non-functional.

And among these 135, 69 heavy damaged out of order, are Chinese which require heavy repair and maintenance and is under process in Collaboration with the Chinese and the Turkish Railways.

The rest of the 55 require regular maintenance and repair and they will be added to the functional domains one by one.

Seven engines, happened to be involved in different accidents on different occasions, are known to be going through fabrication and procurement of their spare parts and they will be back on track as soon as they are good to go.

The economic life of a diesel electric life is 20 years.

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