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Pakistan has been finally removed from the National Security Threat List by the United States (US) on Tuesday for the first time in history. In Washington, US Council of foreign affairs recently took this decision to not to make Pakistan the part of their threat list. According to many think tanks in the US, the Security Threat List includes countries that can put them in danger, but Pakistan is no more the part of that list.

Well, Pakistani foreign policy is now in a position to tie a knot with global players including the United Nations. The reason behind this step by the US is unknown and seemingly Pakistan has shown improvement since the past decade. This may be due to the peace dialogue efforts of Pakistan that has happened between US, Afghanistan and Taliban.

However, the world can see that this country is trying hard to wash off the stain of being a Terrorist and regain the image internationally. The Pak Army and Pakistani Government have put enough effort to decrease the number of terrorists and they have now earned it after being removed from the Security Threat List. Looks like Pakistan is not the one who is a threat to the US nation.

Pakistan is No More a Threat to US Nation

Tourists community is growing in Pakistan now and foreigners have fond to visit Pakistan and they have seen it as a peaceful country. In our country tourism is on the rise and world know that this is the safest country. According to the latest reports, the US has acknowledged the peace making efforts from Pakistan and this is a new beginning towards prosperity worldwide. This is a great news that this country is no more in the National Security Threat List of United States. On 17th of April, 2019, this step was taken by the US council on foreign affairs.

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