Pakistan Air Force Fighter JF-17 Jets to be tested by Malaysia

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Pakistan Air Forces fighter JF-17 Thunder Jets are to be purchased by Malaysia to execute the test after jets were exhibited at the event. We all know that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad was recently invited to Pakistan on 23rd March (Pakistan Resolution Day) to attend a Parade show. After watching Parade show where Pakistani fighter JF-17 Thunder Jets were exhibited, PM Mohammad praised the toughness, strength, and courage of Pakistan Air Force.

Pakistan Air Force & Malaysian Prime Minister 

During the interview, Mahathir Mohammad, PM of Malaysia added that whoever fights or mess with Pakistan Army, will definitely get a bloody nose, as they are the strongest of all. He was briefed well about Pakistani fighter JF-17 Thunder Jets at Nur Khan Base before departure from Pakistan. So, he was really surprised by the excellence of Fighter Jet JF-17 Thunder. He further said in the interview that “I knew that Pakistan will sell its fighter JF-17 Thunder Jets to them so we want to buy one or two to test how strong these Jets are”. He also elaborated the fact that Pakistan has now been manufacturing aircraft like JF-17 and stunned everyone with their amazing performance.  The world knows that the Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Army are the toughest of all.

As you know the Pakistan Air Force’s slogan;
“To enter my Territory is your choice, Tearing you to shreds is Mine”.

We all know that our enemies have recently challenged us through their ugly tactics and Pakistan is all set to show its diligence and strength through these Jets. The reviews of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad show that Pakistan Air Force is not only the best in this world, but have the potential to survive in any critical condition. So, these remarks from Malaysian Prime Minister and purchase of Fighter Jet JF-17 Thunder will put Pakistan in a stable position in the future.

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