OS HongMeng Huawei Developer Conference In August 2019

HongMeng OS glimpse will be shown in the Huawei Developer Conference which will be held in 9th August 2019 which is a two day event. The Huawei Developer Conference will be continued from 9th to 11th August 2019 and held in Songshan Lake Dongguan. The event comprises of three segments which are keynote speech, a technical forum and Codelabs.

Huawei Developer Conference

The Huawei Developer Conference is sort of an interesting to look forward because we have been hearing the news of Huawei HongMeng OS since the year start. It gave us the hint of 5G and other internet things which they are going to discuss in the keynote speech. The technical forums will able to exhibit focuses on smart home, sports health, smart travel, EMUI, AR&VR, and Huawei Pay.

In the Codelabs, you can get your hands on the coding experience to learn more about the code and other Huawei OS stuffs. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the cutting-edge technologies of Huawei. Moreover, the purpose of the Huawei Developer Conference is to share knowledge and insights with the technical experts of Huawei in many countries.

The U.S and China have started to do business and we have been hearing a lot about the ups and downs of Huawei. It has been pushing its technologies to update them and remain in the competition with other tech giants.

It is believed that the Huawei Developer Conference is one of an important conference in the country. It is possible that Huawei many not totally reveal about its operating system OS named HongMeng, but we may get to know about any other latest updates about the software. May be the Chinese tech giant may share new ideas about future of HongMeng OS.

The tech world is anxious that what the Huawei Developer Conference will be bringing to them and they can only wait for August to bring something interesting for the future of Huawei.

The world is looking at Huawei HongMeng OS to become the major substitute of Android. Moreover, it all depends on the Trump latest announcement of lifting the ban from Huawei. The U.S companies are allowed to do business with the Chinese tech giant and we are looking forward to more details.

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